Amazing Island

A mini-game styled game where you can use your imagination to create virtually any monster you like and test its skills in various mini games.


In Amazing Island you play as a young child, boy or girl, who reads an ancient book and that night is swept away to a new forgotten world. This world is inhabited by strange creatures. You find out soon enough that they are in grave danger and you have to save them.

They are in control by the "Black Evil" To defeat the "Black Evil" you must create a monster and put him through a set of various types of mini-games. The games get harder as you progress through the game. At the end of each set of mini games you must defeat the minions in a volley style game where you hit the ball back and forth and try to knock the other players of their ledge. After winning each set of games you obtain an "Vision Orb" once you obtain all the orbs they "become one with you" Then you can defeat the "Black Evil".


The game play is pretty basic. In a brief: Make a monster that looks really wicked cool! Then take it to a games corse and win....thats really it.

Creating Monsters

Monsters are created by "looking deep in to the Water Mirror" Once that's done, you pick a frame for your monster. Once you pick you draw the various body parts, Arms, Legs, Tail, Head, Body, ect. After you've draw all the part...Your Hero Is Born! Then You get to customize it! You can pick any "Accessories" you want such as: Pattern/Color, Eyes, Voice, and Accessories. After your hero is

completed with accessories you can give it any name you like. Then you take a picture to be displayed on it's stats. Your monster is given a set of Abilities. These are all under: Speed, Mental, Weight, Power, and Stamina. These all directly affect how well it plays certain mini games.


  • Dragon
  • Dinosaur
  • Dragon-Man
  • Hero
  • Macho
  • Dog
  • Hamster
  • Bunny
  • Evil Beast
  • Scorpion Worm
  • Kid


Mini-games used to be fun things that the locals would play until the "Black Evil" came and messed things up. Now it's your job to take control of your monster, play through the games, and defeat the "Black Evil's" minions at the end of the stage to obtain their Vision Orb. Mini-games are played usually by moving you monster around while mashing on the A or B buttons. Although each has it's own goal. Other than your own monster's abilities, you can use potions to

make them better. There are Small, Medium, and Large potions. You can win money after each mini game to buy things in shops. You can buy different types of accessories to add to new monsters you create.

There is no limit on the amount of monsters you can create and save. When you create a monster you obtain a "chance star" used in mini games if you lose and need to retry.


One problem with this game is that if you create a monster's arms too long then they go through the ground. This game has many glitches and all around isn't very good. IGN gives it a passible rating with it's sorry 6.7/10 score. Gamespot gave it a 6.5/10. DL Game Reviews wasn't so nice with its pitiful 2/10