Arkanoid: Doh It Again game

Arkanoid: Doh It Again

A SNES exclusive entry for Taito's sci-fi Breakout-inspired series. The enigmatic DOH once again makes trouble for the crew of the Arkanoid.


Arkanoid: Doh It Again is a SNES-exclusive entry in Taito's block-breaking franchise Arkanoid. It introduces a new story set five years after the original Arkanoid where the titular starship discovers a new "Terra-class" planet for settlement, and sends the scout ship "VAUS" to investigate. Unfortunately, it's all a ploy by humanity's cosmic nemesis DOH in order to trap and finish off the remaining humans. VAUS is trapped in DOH's energy field and must fight its way out.

Arkanoid: Doh It Again was released in all regions late in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's lifespan. It can be played with the SNES Mouse peripheral as well as the standard SNES controller.


The player controls the scout ship, VAUS. Rounds are completed when all the color and silver blocks on the screen have been eliminated by the VAUS's energy ball. Enemies enter from the doors at the top of the play area. Every ten rounds a boss enemy will have to be fought. Some of the blocks contain power-ups that VAUS must catch before they can be put to use.


  • Colors: One hit.
  • Silver: Takes three hits.
  • Gold: Can not be destroyed.


  • Pink B "Break" - Breaks open the wall, letting the player skip to the next level.
  • Blue E "Extend" - Increases the size of VAUS, making it easier to deflect the ball.
  • Gray R "Reduce" - Decreases the size of VAUS.
  • Light Green C "Catch" - Catch and release ball at the player's command, making it easier to aim.
  • Cyan D "Disruption" - Turns the ball into eight copies. The player only needs to keep one on-screen.
  • Red L "Laser" - Shoot out blocks with lasers from VAUS.
  • Purple M "Mega" - Ball destroys all blocks in path without deflecting.
  • Dark Green T "Twin" - Previously, this created two VAUS units. In Doh It Again, it creates a forcefield allowing for one missed ball.
  • Orange S "Slow" - Returns the ball speed back to normal. Resets all power-ups.

Some of the power-ups can be used together.