Bachelor Party/Gigolo

Bachelor Party / Gigolo is a 2-in-1 "adult" game cartridge released for the Atari 2600 by PlayAround.


When adult-game company Mystique went out of business, PlayAround bought the rights to their games. Along with the original Mystique titles, PlayAround also released a number of their own adult-themed games. These games were released in pairs on special "double-end" cartridges.


The two games contained in this release are "Bachelor Party" and "Gigolo".

Bachelor Party is a re-release of the original game created by Mystique. The game features a man bouncing pong-style back and forth, eliminating advancing rows of women. The gameplay is similar to titles like Breakout, except the action plays out horizontally instead of vertically.

Gigolo is a re-working of Cathouse Blues, another original game created by PlayAround (only with gender roles reversed). Instead of a man, it features a woman who must search the houses around town for a "good time". While that sounds easy enough, the player also has to deal with police, muggers, and houses that are wired with alarms. This is odd, because a gigolo is a male prostitute, while that title is attached to the version with the female hooker, not the man-whore.