Big Brain Academy

The second release in Nintendo's "Brain Training" franchise, known as Yawaraka Atama Juku in Japan.


A collection of short games that test problem solving and thinking skills. Scores are based on speed, as all games give only a moment to complete as many puzzles as possible. You can play the games freely in Practice, earning medals based on your performance. Test mode challenges you with five games, one from each category, and gives you a grade based on speed and accuracy. There is also a wireless Versus mode with single or multi-card play available.



  • Heavyweight: A series of scales hold objects, the objective is to find the heaviest object, based on which scales are dipped.
  • Pathfinder: Lines criss-cross extending down both DS screens. Drawing one line, provide a path for an animal to travel from top to bottom.
  • Bone Yard: A grid of blocks will move based on directions given. A dog inside wants a bone, place it based on where the blocks will move the dog.


  • Sound Bites: Several pictures play sounds in an order. Memorize it and play it back.
  • Flash Memory: Numbers and symbols appear briefly, type them back in as fast as possible.
  • Memo-Random: A series of pictures are displayed. Click "Memorized" and one or more are removed. Replace the missing pictures.


  • Missing Link: A conect-the-dots picture appears twice, the lower picture missing a line. Pictures may be flipped. Draw a line in the correct spot
  • Cube Game: Blocks are piled up (in 3 dimensions). Count how many there are, including concealed ones.
  • Animal Lines: A grid with several animals arranged in it. A line tells you which animals to draw a line through.


  • Coin-Parison: Two pictures with various coins on each side. Count the money quickly and select the larger amount.
  • Add Agency: Several objects are on top, four picutres with some objects in them on bottom touch two on the bottom that together equal the top.
  • Written Math: A worded equation is displayed (e.g. One plus one is:) with a calculator below. Punch in the correct answer.


  • Shadow Shift: Shadows of objects float across the top screen. Select the objects from the bottom.
  • Get In Shape: A black shape is on the top screen, with abnormal shapes on the bottom. A combination of them can form the top picture.
  • Matchmaker: A grid of cards (pictures / numbers) have one or two matches in them. Find them as quickly as possible.