Block Kuzushi game

Block Kuzushi

A block-breaking game for the Super Famicom. Has a distinct feature where the player is able to switch out the paddle they're using.


Block Kuzushi (literally "Block Destruction", the generic name of block-breaking games in Japan) is a block-breaking game released exclusively for the Super Famicom in late 1995. As with almost other games in the genre, the player must destroy all the blocks on a single-screen stage with a bouncing ball, using a paddle at the bottom of the screen to reflect it and keep it from dropping off the bottom edge of the screen.

Specifically, it follows the example set by Arkanoid, with power-ups the player can acquire to give them an additional edge. There are also negative power-downs that create various negative effects, such as decreasing the size of the paddle or creating a black hole that instantly destroys the paddle. The game is distinct for having a paddle-switching feature that lets players switch between a green and orange barrier, allowing them to have a reserve if one should be shrunk down or a second enlargement power-up appears.