Bomb Bee

Bomb Bee is a Japanese-only sequel to 1978's Gee Bee, and the second arcade designed by Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani.


Like its predecessor, Bomb Bee is hybrid mix of pinball table mechanics and Atari's 1976 arcade game Breakout. The play field is tiered in nature, requiring players to break ranks of drop target-esque bricks to reach two bumpers at the top of the play field. Also like Gee Bee, the game utilized cellophane strips to achieve false color for game elements, ala Space Invaders.

A version of the game distributed by Nintendo on their arcade hardware was called Bomb Bee-N.

Bomb Bee is the oldest game Namco has kept in circulation as part of its long standing tradition of re-releasing its back catalog in compilation form. It appeared as a hidden bonus game in the Japanese (but not the NA or EU) of Namco Museum Volume 2. That anthology was released on PSN in Japan, which makes Bomb Bee one of the the oldest games playable on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita.

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