Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

A multi-event sports simulation set in the Wild West.


Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is a collection of six mini games set in the Wild West.


Knife Throwing: In this game the player has to throw knifes at a spinning board and hopefully miss the young lady who is strapped to it. The score in this round depends on the distance from the girl which the knife lands. The closer the knife gets to the assistant girl without hitting her the higher the score.

Trick Shooting / Bottle Shooting: This mini game is reminiscent of Operation Wolf and Cabal. The player has to shoot the enemy targets as they pop up but not shoot young ladies or innocent people in the back or the Sheriff. During the second section of this mini game bottles have to be shot when thrown in the air.

Calf Roping: In the third game the player has to prove his cowboy skills by roping a cattle within the time limit. On horseback a calf has to be followed by moving the joystick up, down, left and right. If close enough the lasso can be slipped over the calf's head by pressing the fire button and the calf can be brought into a halt by pulling back the joystick.

Bronco Riding: It is a necessary skill for any cowboy and that's exactly what the fourth game is. The player has to remain seated on the bucking bronco by pushing the joystick in the direction indicated by arrows which appear on-screen. The score increases the longer the player stays on.

Steer Wrestling: In the fifth game a steer has to be chased and wrestled down. Therefor the player must get on horseback as close as possible to the steer and jump on the steer by pressing the fire button. To overbalance the steer the joystick has to be waggled left and right until it falls to the ground.

Stage Coach Rescue: The last game is all about catching and jumping on to a moving stagecoach to stop a renegade Indian who has captured it and is terrorising the passengers. Wiggling the joystick left and right makes the horse run towards the stage. Moving the joystick up and down allows the player to avoid the suitcases which the Indian throws at him. Once alongside the coach it can be climbed aboard by pressing the fire button. The Indian can now be punched by pushing the joystick up (head punch) or down (stomach punch). Pushing left and right blocks the Indian's punches.


ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)08+09/198942,43Atari ST10.6 out of 1288Manfred KleimannGerman
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)10/198978 Amiga10.6 out of 1288
Manfred KleimannGerman
Crash08/198939ZX Spectrum86 out of 10086Mike Dunn, Nick RobertsEnglish
ST Format09/198970Atari ST83 out of 10083-English
The Games Machine08/1989112, 113Atari ST82 out of 10082
CU Amiga-6410/198937Amiga81 out of 10081
Tony DillonEnglish
Zzap!10/198972Amiga80 out of 10080Paul Rand, Robin HoggEnglish
Zzap!10/198972C6480 out of 10080

Paul Rand,

Robin Hogg

Computer + Video Games09/198976Atari ST79 out of 10079Gordon HoughtonEnglish
Micro Hobby12/198940, 41ZX Spectrum7.8 out of 10 78-Spanish
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)11/198977Amstrad CPC9 out of 1275
Bernd ZimmermannGerman
Amstrad Cent Pour Cent10/1989111Amstard CPC71 out of 10071
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)10/198978C648.2 out of 12 68Manfred KleimannGerman
Amstar & CPC10/1989104, 105Amstrad CPC13 out of 2065
The One08/198970, 71Atari ST64 out of 10064
Brian NesbittEnglish
Your Sinclair09/198994ZX Spectrum54 out of 10054
Duncan MacDonaldEnglish
Commodore Format01/199250C6453 out of 10053
Power Play10/198948Atari ST52 out of 10052
Heinrich LenhardtGerman
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)10/198978PC5.4 out of 12 45Manfred KleimannGerman

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