Crazy clay-based characters beat the clay out of each other in the first-ever claymation fighting game.


ClayFighter is a comedic 2D fighting game developed by Visual Concepts (in conjunction with Interplay) and published by Interplay for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 15, 1993.

It is one of the first games to use claymation for player characters, as players fight each other as one of eight mutated circus employees (after a meteor, made of clay, crashes on the grounds of an American circus).

The game received an enhanced version on May 15, 1994, titled ClayFighter: Tournament Edition. Originally released as a rental exclusive for Blockbuster Video stores (and later released through normal means), this version fixed some glitches while adding new game modes (including multiple tournament-based modes), revamped stages, a flashy new intro, and new options. The original game was also ported to the Sega Genesis by Rangler Studios on June 23, 1994. This port would later see a digital re-release for the Wii (via Virtual Console) on May 25, 2009.

Along with developing their sister claymation platformer Claymates, Interplay would turn ClayFighter into a series spawning two sequel installments: ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay and ClayFighter 63⅓. Numerous attempts were made to bring back the series, but were cancelled prior to release.


A fat opera singer. She can attack by throwing herself at her opponents, stabbing with the horns atop her helmet, and singing for a sonic scream. She is the first foe you encounter in 1-Player mode.
An anthropomorphic piece of taffy whose attacks mainly involve stretching and twisting his body.
A crazy clown who throws pies, turns cartwheels, and smashes with a big hammer.
Bad Mr. Frosty
A Snowman with an attitude. With his special attacks, he can throw snowballs, spit sharp balls of ice, slide along the ground with a kicking attack, and turn himself into a snow boulder and roll into his opponent. Bad mr. Frosty has become a mascot for the ClayFighter series, appearing on every boxart todate.
Ickybod Clay
A ghost with a jack-o-lantern head. He can teleport, and throw balls of ghost goo at his opponent.
Blue Suede Goo
A fat Elvis look-alike . He throws musical notes as projectiles and uses his hair as a blade to cut opponents.
A blob made of clay. His specialty is changing into objects to attack with, such as a buzz saw that cuts his opponent in half.
A wrestler character who, oddly enough, doesn't use very many wrestling moves. He can use his fists to run across the screen and punch, as well as roll into a ball and throw himself at foes.
N. Boss
He is the final boss, and looks like a necklace. He only attacks with projectiles copied from other characters and has a grab attack. He doesn't look to be made out of clay. His inclusion in the game was rumored to be a last minute decision, because he is the only non claymation fighter, and his powers are all copied assets.