Codename: Bakery Girl

Strategy RPG developed by Team MICA

A turn-based strategy RPG game and MICA Team's first attempt at making a full game since their self-published "kinetic visual novel," Girl of the Bakehouse, sold only at various Chinese conventions in 2009. Though Codename: Bakery Girl is a very different game from Girl of the Bakehouse, its story structure is very similar.

After the success of Girls' Frontline, also made by MICA, the team announced they were remaking Codename: Bakery Girl under the title Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery, and releasing it worldwide sometime in 2022. This release will more explicitly tie the story into the wider Girls' Frontline franchise while updating the graphics and gameplay mechanics for more modern systems.

The game contains 10 chapters the player must play through, with three different endings depending on how the last mission is completed, and if the player has successfully found all "Secret Documents" prior to finishing the last mission.