Players explore an alternate universe of abstracted emotional states with several different vehicles, unlocking paths and avoiding hostile creatures. Players figure out how to utilize the different environments and the objects within to propel your craft through the rooms to enter hard-to-reach doorways. The game has free exploration and timed modes.


Published by Data East in the United States and Infogrames elsewhere (where the game is called Alpha Waves). It is an abstract puzzle-solving game with two different modes: one, a free exploration mode called Emotion, allows players to traverse the many rooms of the game (with some restrictions); while Action Mode times the player's progress, forcing players to figure out how to exit a room before the time limit expires.


Players explore the environment using one of several vehicles, each with different performance statistics. Some bounce higher more easily, while others turn quicker or move faster.

Each room has its own set of challenges, with certain polygonal creatures sometimes obstructing or attacking, and platforms that the player vehicle has to bounce on in order to reach the exit doors. Some exit doors in the game are blocked forcing players to find ways around them or unlock them.

Each section, or emotion, has several rooms, and an accompanying mood (conveyed by colors and difficulty) and a different musical score, which can be sampled in the sample in the selection screen (right).

The game does not communicate a clear objective to the player; according to designer, Christophe de Dinechin, there is actually a way to beat the game. There are several stars scattered throughout the worlds which, if collected individually, give the player extra time in Action Mode. If players collect all of the stars from all of the zones, they win.

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