Crank the Weasel

Crank the Weasel is a platform/adventure hybrid game developed by Midway Games. It was canceled in 2003.


Crank the Weasel began development in 2002 at Midway Games. It was a playable game at E3 2002. It was projected to ship for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube in 2003. However, a source at Midway told IGN in 2003 that the game had been canceled.

About The Game

Crank the Weasel follows the odd-looking Weasel's attempt to get to Pleasure Island. To do so, he needs to acquire valuable Big-Ticket-Items to pay for his trip. Weasel obtains these items by stealing from denizens of Scratchtown, a cartoon town reminiscent of early Mickey Mouse cartoons. Each citizen presents a challenge to Weasel who must find the best way to approach them and take away their item. Teasing and annoying these characters is the crux of the game and will affect how easily Weasel can obtain the items he needs. Once the appropriate number of items are stolen and pawned, Weasel can progress to another area in the town. Weasel could also obtain money from other characters, money bags, and bonus games.