Crüe Ball game

Crüe Ball

A pinball game that came out at the height of Mötley Crüe's career, when their album Dr. Feelgood was at the top of the charts. Instrumentals of the songs "Dr. Feelgood", "Live Wire", and "Home Sweet Home" were the only tunes featured in this game.


Crüe Ball is a frankly bizarre pinball game featuring three songs by glam metal band Mötley Crüe and a midi heavy metal soundtrack by Brian Schmidt. The game was originally going to be named Twisted Flipper and retain a heavy metal theme, but a mid-development endorsement deal with Mötley Crüe changed the game's direction slightly along with its name. A prototype of Twisted Flipper has since been disseminated on the internet.

Crüe Ball features nine levels which are partitioned into three sections: a bottom, middle and top area. Players must smash a wall behind a floating head named Craig which will in turn "crank it up" which leads the player into the next level. The final boss of the game is the evil Mr. Gore, who can only be defeated by shooting three balls into his mouth.

Bonus Level

Passing a certain number of challenges on the bottom rung of the table will cause a launch pad to appear, sending the ball into space where the player will pilot a vehicle that has pinball flippers attached to it and play a version of Pong against an approaching group of skeletons.