Divine Divinity game

Divine Divinity

Journey to the land of Rivellon and fight the dark side in this debut action RPG by Belgian developer Larian Studios.


Divine Divinity is an action RPG released in 2002. It was the debut title by Larian Studios, located in Belgium.


The story revolves around your character and his or her adventures through the magical realm of Rivellon. As the story moves forward, you learn of a demonic presence that was banished many years ago from the land by a council of mages that is slowly returning to a world full of distrust and hatred amongst different factions.


The gameplay is similar in style to action RPG's like Diablo, while containing a more open-ended world, optional quests and a levelling system that have more in common with traditional RPG series such as Ultima or Elder Scrolls. The player begins by choosing either a Survivor, Warrior or Wizard as their beginning class which also determines beginning skills. As in most of these titles, the character gains experience which allows points to be used for various skills such as lockpicking, defense, healing, etc., each of which has several levels of proficiency. In an unorthodox twist, all potential skills are open to the player to choose from, regardless of their starting class.


The music from the game was never officially released as an album but the tracks are available from the composer, Kirill Pokrovsky's website ( ) for free.


00 - Warrior

01 - Dwarven Clockwork

02 - Sorching Wind

03 - Tangible Suspense

04 - The Garden at the Edge of Nowhere

05 - Roads Shaded by Green Eaves

06 - Those who roam in the sewers

07 - Halls Beneath the Ground

08 - Crypts and Catacombs

09 - Horror of the Walking Bones

10 - Omnious Warnings

11 - The Song of the Wind

12 - Sighs of the Elvenkind

13 - Forsaken by the Gods

14 - Warring Winds and Crimision Tides

15 - Drunk with Dwarven Mirth

16 - The Flags of Freedom Fly High

17 - Against Doom and Despair

18 - The Four Seasons Singing

19 - Heartbeats of Undeath

20 - A Wind of Aleroth

21 - Stones and Trees

22 - They Whom Have Left Long Ago

23 - Whispers from a Council Past

24 - A Sense of Disorientation

25 - At the Edge of Death

26 - Just in Time for an Ale

27 - An Aveune of Lost Tales

28 - Run, Zanaldor, Run!

29 - Relentless Wandering

30 - The Lake of Eternal Darkness

31 - Suffering and Shame

32 - A Forest Dark and Deep

33 - On the Brink of Defeat

34 - Something is Amiss

35 - Old Rivertown

36 - Lies and Chaos

37 - Stronghold of the Orcs

38 - A Perilous Path

39 - Dancing with Mirth

40 - Divine Divinity

41 - Conclusion of a Destiny

42 - War and Peace

43 - Winds of Sand

44 - Bitva (Battle)


Divine Divinity recieved generally positive reviews, and was highly praised for containing some of the most highly detailed graphics in a 2D game, an immersive soundtrack, and a relatively easy-going and occasionally humourous tone at a time when most fantasy RPGs contained dark and serious subject matter.

Original System Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/XP/ME
  • Pentium II 450MHz
  • 128MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB)
  • 8MB DirectX compatible Video Card
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • DirectSound compatible Sound Card
  • 2.5GB Hard Drive Space
  • 640x480 Resolution (Recommended: 800x600)


Divine Divinity was re-released on for $5.99