Doom II: Hell on Earth

After the events of Doom, Hell has found its way to Earth. The last living scientists develop a plan to evacuate what's remaining of the human race with enormous space ships. Unfortunately, the demons have taken control of the only spaceport, and it's up to the nameless space marine to take it back.


Doom II: Hell on Earth is a sci-fi horror first-person shooter developed by id and published by GT Interactive for the PC (running MS-DOS) on September 30, 1994.

The direct sequel to Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth pits the nameless space marine through a demon-infested Earth, as he tries to liberate the last remaining space port (which would allow all of the surviving humans to evacuate) and then travel to his home city to shut down the portal to Hell.

Unlike the game's predecessor, the game was not released in an episodic shareware format. Sporting over 30 additional levels, the game adds a variety of new enemies (including chaingun-equipped Heavy Weapon Dudes and the Lost Soul-spawning Pain Elementals), a new weapon (the powerful Super Shotgun), and a new powerup (the Megasphere, which grants 200% health and 200% armor). It's also known for a special set of easter egg levels.

The game was used as a base for two additional standalone expansions (collectively titled Final Doom) and had its levels included in the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn ports of Doom. An official level pack for Doom II: Hell on Earth was released on December 26, 1995. Titled Master Levels for Doom II, the expansion includes 21 new levels (not tied together in a stream of levels) contracted to different mappers (including John W. Anderson, Jim F. Flynn, Christen David Klie, Sverre Andre Kvernmo, Tom Mustaine, and Tim Willits). As a bonus, 1,830 amateur WAD files (for Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and Heretic) from the internet are also included as "Maximum Doom".


Picking up where Doom left off, the space marine has made it back to Earth at the conclusion of the first game, only to find that Hell has infested the planet. Cities burn and Humanity is on the brink of extinction. In a last ditch effort to save what is left of the Human race, the last remnants of mankind attempt to evacuate the planet via a giant space faring vessel. However a defensive barrier shield is keeping them from leaving orbit, and can only be disabled inside the heart of an infested space port. Having successfully fought through the invasion on Phobos and Deimos (which was floating above the surface of Hell itself) in the last game, this last suicide mission to infiltrate the spaceport and deactivating the barrier falls upon our stalwart hero.

Upon reaching level 11 in the game, Circle of Death, the player character successfully deactivates the field and frees the vessel in orbit, allowing Humanity to escape their dying world. Having apparently accomplished his mission the player sits down to wait for death, until the protagonist receives a message from Earth Control:

"Sensors have located the source of the alien invasion. if you go there, you may be able to block their entry." The alien base is in the heart of your own home city, not far from the starport. Slowly and painfully you get up and return to the fray."

No explanation is ever made for the text confusing demonic entities from Hell for extraterrestrials. The main character's "home city" is never mentioned by name, as the level's title reads only "Downtown." Once reaching "The Suburbs" in level 16, the player finds the gateway and realizes the only way to seal it must be from the other side, meaning that once again, our hero must make another incursion into Hell itself. After fighting his way through various stages of Hell, we arrive at the Icon of Sin, which seems to be the entity creating the physical manifestations of the demon army. Upon entering its chamber, the Icon of Sin greets the player with unintelligible backwards speech and begins spawning demons into the chamber. Firing missiles into the exposed brain of the Icon of Sin kills the horrific abomination, and in its death throes its massive tentacles destroy "untold miles of Hell's surface" and closing the gateway just after the space marine flees through it, having saved the universe from an invasion by Hell itself.

Health States

80%-200% Normal
60%-79% Slightly bloody nose
40%-59% Grimace with bloody nose
20%-39% Fatigued with gushing nose
1%-19% Fatigued with bloody eyes and nose
0% Completely covered with blood
Invulnerability Normal, with glowing golden eyes

Difficulty Levels

Skill LevelNotes
I'm too young to die!Ammo items: double amount. Damage is reduced by half. Far fewer enemies.
Hey, not too rough.Ammo items: regular amount. Fewer enemies.
Hurt me plenty.The default difficulty level.
Ultra-Violence.Ammo items: regular amount. More enemies than usual.
Nightmare!Ammo items: double amount. Cheat codes disabled. Same amount of enemies as Ultra-Violence, but they move faster and respawn after death.

* Doom also alters placement and amount of monsters and items depending on difficulty level.


Doom II: Hell on Earth adds a single new weapon to the Doom arsenal: the Super Shotgun.


Damage: 10 per punch, 200 with Berserk Pack

When entirely out of ammo, players can use fists. The damage and attack rate of the fists are very low, however, with the berserk power-up the fists become significantly more powerful.


Damage: 20 per 'hit'

The chainsaw nearly nullifies the fists' existence with its superior damage and attack speed. The chainsaw is particularly useful against Demons or Lost Souls, as they only have melee attacks and cannot cause damage whilst being attacked by the chainsaw. It is most effective against one enemy at a time, since multiple enemies can get around the blade and damage the player. Despite its usefulness, aside from Demons and Lost Souls, the chainsaw should still be seen as a last resort when low on ammo.


Damage: 10 per bullet

The starting weapon, the Pistol uses Bullet ammunition. Its damage and attack speed are low and crappy, and once the player is in possession of the Chaingun, which also uses Bullets, it can be safely disregarded.


Damage: 10 per pellet, 7 pellets per shell, 70 damage maximum

Its fire rate is slow, but the high damage output makes up for it. Many players remembers the enemies' HP by how many shots from the shotgun they require. The shotgun is good at taking out enemies at medium-to-long range, as its pellets are more concentrated than those of the Super Shotgun. It uses Shell ammunition.

Super Shotgun

Damage: 10 per pellet, 21 pellets per 2 shells, 210 damage maximum

The sole new addition to the Doom II arsenal, the double-barrelled "Super Shotgun" won the heart of many gamers. The fire rate is even slower than that of the original Shotgun, and the spread is much wider, rendering it useless at long range, but the damage output is very, very high, so at close range, it is absolutely devastating. This property makes it a valid weapon to use against powerful adversaries such as Hell Knights or Arch-Viles. It uses Shell ammunition and fires two shots at a time.


Damage: 10 per bullet

The chaingun is the second fastest firing weapon in the game. Its damage per bullet is at the same level of the pistol, but the high fire rate makes it into a deadly weapon. It is especially useful against enemies such as Cacodemons or Pain Elementals, since it fires so often that it causes them to flinch a lot, making it difficult for them to finish an attack.

Rocket Launcher

Damage: 200 per rocket

This is a very deadly weapon - both to the enemies and the player himself, thanks to the unexpectedly large splash damage radius. The rockets deal a very high amount of damage and have splash damage. Furthermore, the Rocket Launcher's fire rate is high, which makes the player able to carpet bomb areas. The Rocket Launcher, predictably, uses Rocket ammunition.

Plasma Gun

Damage: 20 per cell

The Plasma Gun is often compared to the Chaingun, because of their similarities. They both have a high firing rate and is generally useful in the same situations. The main difference between them is the projectile speed. Whereas the Chaingun's bullets hit the target instantly, the Plasma Gun's shots have to travel through the air before hitting the target, making it possible for enemies to dodge incoming attacks. The trade-off for this inaccuracy is a much higher damage output. The Plasma Gun uses Cell ammunition.

BFG 9000

Damage: 1000 per blast, 40 cells expended

The BFG 9000 fires a ginormous plasma ball which moves slowly through the air. Upon impact, the target it hits receives a huge amount of damage, and nearby enemies in the player's visual range receive additional attacks for a high amount of damage as well. The player in unable to damage himself with the weapon, which makes it the best weapon of choice against large groups of enemies that are relatively close to the player. It uses Energy Cell ammunition, and burns up 40 Cell with each shot.


Enemies returning from the original Doom

Former Human

Health: 20

(AKA Zombie, Zombieman)

One of the most common enemies encountered. These are the reanimated bodies of humans killed during Hell's invasion of Earth as foot soldiers for Hell's Legions. They commonly use one shot rifles and can drop clips of Bullet ammo upon dying.

Shotgun Guy

Health: 30

(AKA Zombie Sergeant, Shotgun Zombie, Former Human Sergeant)

A variant of the Former Human. More physically fit than most reanimated corpses, these undead soldiers are equipped with shotguns which can be collected from their corpses.


Health: 60

Weakest among Hell's Legions, these low ranking Hell Spawn are roughly the size of a human. While only slightly stronger than a human, they are the most numerous of Hell Spawn along with Demons and fling burning hellfire at foes, as well as being able to slash at foes with their razor-sharp claws at close range.


Health: 140

(AKA Pinkies, Pinky Demons)

These are average Hell Spawn. They make up the bulk of Hell's Legions along with Imps. They are not very intelligent, but they are much larger and faster than humans. They tear enemies apart with teeth and claw, but have no ranged attack to speak of. They are best dispatched with the Chainsaw, which prevents them from attacking.


Health: 140

The Spectre is a variation of the Demon, the creature's skin is translucent making it appear partially invisible. Just as aggressive, strong and fast as normal Demons, its natural camouflage makes it much more dangerous.

Lost Soul

Health: 100

Much larger than an actual Human head, the exact origins of these flying, flaming, horned skulls is unknown, though it is known that they travel in numbers, and move slowly until they charge a target without warning, rushing in to bite at them from close range. The best tool to deal with Lost Souls from a distance is the Chaingun.


Health: 360

Cacodemons are high ranked Hell Spawn. Unlike their less intelligent brethren, they are capable of using powerful magic and will breath balls of arcane lightning at foes. Less numerous, they are far deadlier. Heavy weaponry, such as the Plasma Rifle or Rocket Launcher, is suggested, especially if they appear in numbers.

Baron of Hell

Health: 1000

Leading the forces of Hell's Legions are Barons of Hell. They are Hell Spawn of the highest order and as such far more powerful. They are very few in number but their sheer strength makes death among their ranks very rare. Like Imps, they are capable of attacking with claws from up close, or with flaming projectiles from afar, but both of their attacks are significantly more powerful than those of their weaker brethren. Heavy, focused firepower is necessary to take even one Baron down.


Health: 4000

In the rare event that a Baron of Hell is killed, a much more dangerous creature is born. A perverted fusion of magic and machine, the Cyberdemon is a reanimated Baron of Hell merged with the very technology used to slay it. Its left hand has been replaced with a rocket launcher, equipped with an endless supply of rockets; even one direct hit can kill a soldier in perfect health if he isn't wearing heavy armor. Although it can be countered with another rocket launcher, realistically, the BFG 9000 is going to be required to kill this monstrosity, the most powerful monster in the game.

Spider Mastermind

Health: 3000

(A.K.A. Spiderdemon)

Highest ranked among Hell Spawn, acting Generals for Hell's Legions. There are even fewer of them than the Baron's of Hell. Physically they are even weaker than Imps, but they possess a vast intellect. They direct all of Hell's designs and employ human technology, re-enforcing their frail bodies with mounted chain guns.

New Enemies introduced in Doom II

Heavy Weapon Dude

Health: 70

(A.K.A. Former Commando, Chaingunner)

Another variation of the Former Human. In life they were the strongest soldiers among Humans, now in death they carry the most devastating of human weapons in the service of Hell's Legions. Their chainguns can be collected upon dying.

Hell Knight

Health: 520

Powerful Hell Spawn that failed to join the ranks of the Baron's of Hell, the Hell Knight are direct servants of the true Barons. They are not as powerful but do not take them lightly.


Health: 450

(A.K.A. Spider babies, Mini-Masterminds)

A young Spider Mastermind that has equipped itself with more cutting edge technology than its brethren. It's weapon of choice is a mounted plasma cannon.

Pain Elemental

Health: 350

Unique Hell Spawn of high rank, these creatures refuse to directly combat their foes. Instead they vomit forth an army of corrupted Lost Souls to do their killing for them. They have two sphincters.


Health: 380

When the bodies of Former Human's decay, they become Revenants. Casting away the shackles of muscle and flesh, and powered by foul magic, these undead monstrosities are far stronger and faster than human beings and no longer need to wield human weaponry.


Health: 650

(A.K.A. Fatties)

High ranked Hell Spawn that have been fused with human technology. They are massive and hard to kill, and their arms have been augmented with Flame Throwers.


Health: 700