Fighters Megamix

The SEGA-AM2 team throws together the cast of both Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, along with a plethora of weird and wonderful Sega characters, for a massive 3D brawl.


Fighters Megamix is a 3D fighting game developed and released by Sega's AM2 team for the Sega Saturn on December 21, 1996 (in Japan), April 30, 1997 (in North America), and June 1997 (in Europe).

Combining two of the development team's most prominent fighting games of the time, Fighters Megamix is a crossover fighting game that combines the roster and gameplay elements of both Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers. It includes both open-ended stages (similar to Tekken 2) and close-walled stages and features the "sidestep" maneuver from the recently-released Virtua Fighter 3. It also includes a unique Arcade Mode where players can play through one of four "courses" (later unlocking new courses) to unlock new costumes and characters (including both guest characters and joke characters).

Unlike most of SEGA-AM2's games of the time, Fighters Megamix was not developed for arcades. It was later ported by Sega (and released by Tiger Electronics) to the handheld system in 1998.


From the start, the game includes 11 characters from Virtua Fighter 2 and 11 characters from Fighting Vipers. As players progress through each of the 1P Mode courses, they can unlock new hidden characters and outfits, most of which are guest characters from other SEGA-AM2 games and/or joke characters.

The version is limited and only includes 8 characters from the start (Akira, Pai, Lion, Jacky, Bahn, Candy, Sanman, and Mahler) with 4 unlockable characters (Kids Sarah, Janet, Hornet, and Siba).

Virtua Fighter 2

  • Akira Yuki (has an unlockable Virtua Fighter Kids appearance as a separate character)
  • Pai Chan
  • Lau Chan
  • Wolf Hawkfield
  • Jeffry McWild
  • Kage-Maru
  • Sarah Bryant (has an unlockable Virtua Fighter Kids appearance as a separate character)
  • Jacky Bryant
  • Shun-Di
  • Lion Rafale
  • Dural

Fighting Vipers

  • Grace
  • Bahn (has an alternate unlockable version, known as Ura Bahn, as a separate character)
  • Raxel
  • Tokio
  • Sanman
  • Jane
  • Candy (known as Honey in the Japanese version and has unlockable outfits)
  • Picky
  • Mahler (has a powered-up version, named B.M.)
  • Kumachan (joke character)
  • Pandachan (joke character and alternate outfit for Kumachan)

Other Characters

  • Janet Marshall (unlockable character from Virtua Cop 2, with moves cribbed from Aoi Umenokouji from Virtua Fighter 3)
  • Bean the Dynamite (unlockable character from Sonic Championship)
  • Bark the Polar Bear (unlockable character from Sonic Championship)
  • Rent-a-Hero (unlockable character from Rent-a-Hero)
  • Deku (unlockable joke character)
  • Siba (unlockable character, axed from the original Virtua Fighter)
  • Hornet (unlockable joke character from Daytona USA, stands upright and uses its tires as disembodied limbs)
  • Mr. Meat (known as Niku in the Japanese version, alternate unlockable joke "costume" for Kumachan that resembles a slab of cartoon meat with disembodied limbs)
  • Palm Tree (alternate unlockable joke "costume" for Kumachan that resembles the SEGA-AM2 logo)