Full Tilt! Pinball game

Full Tilt! Pinball

A collection of three pinball tables for PC and Mac.


Full Tilt! Pinball is a pre-rendered pinball game which was developed by Cinematronics and published by Maxis. It was released on March 13, 1996 and was available on Windows PC and Mac platforms.

When it came out it was by many touted as a clear improvement on the, by then well populated, pinball simulator market. The physics was what most reviewers agreed was the main selling point of the title, as it ventured from the more common 'path' limitations by many other titles and gave the player more realistic responses and ball movement than was common up to that point..

The game only had 3 tables, but those three tables were rendered with what was at the time a very high resolution. The three tables are; Space Cadet, Skullduggery and Dragon's Keep. Each table had 'missions' or 'quests' which awarded points and progressed the player up in rank in the case of Space Cadet, or towards the final goal of slaying the dragon in Dragon's Keep.

The game would be succeeded by Full Tilt! 2 Pinball the very same year, which might seem a very short time by modern standards but was a relatively common practice for some types of games in the 90s.