Funhouse is a pinball machine that features Rudy, a talking head that lives on the table and mocks you as you play.

Rudy has taken over the Funhouse, and it's up to the player to defeat him, and expel him from it.

The primary method of doing this is two-fold:

1.  Either getting a lucky shot, into Rudy's mouth, in which case you score 250,000 points, and he spits the ball back out


2.  Advancing the Funhouse clock to 11:30, in which case Rudy grows angry with you.  Advancing it to 11:45, and he makes the proclamation "Quit playing with the clock".  When midnight occurs, Rudy falls asleep (thus leaving his mouth open), for the player to shoot the ball into, triggering the multiball mode, in which case jackpots are given, if you can get the ball inside the trap-door, thus defeating Rudy.

Voice acting

Rudy was voiced by Ed Boon, who was a programmer for pinball software for Midway at the time.

Additional Notes

The implementation of the Rudy head would give rise to an additional machine, "Red & Ted's Road Show), which featured two dummy head's in the play field.

Also, Funhouse was included in the Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection.