Game of Thrones game

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an action RPG from Atlus and developer Cyanide, featuring a story written under the supervision of series creator George R.R. Martin.


Game of Thrones is an action RPG based on the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin, as well as its HBO TV-series adaptation called Game of Thrones. The game stars unknown characters, but mainstays from the TV show, such as Varys, Queen Cersei, and Jeor Mormont, make cameos. The game features slowed down, multi-character action combat, meant to evoke the feel of the storytelling in the novels. The story follows two different soldiers who served in Robert's Rebellion, but who have chosen different paths since then. The game is said to be over 30 hours long and features side quests and player decisions that supposedly have substantial impact.

Playable characters

  • Mors Westfold - A member of the Night's Watch who fought in Robert Baratheon's rebellion against the Targaeryans. Mors is a skinchanger and can enter his dog to attack enemies and find hidden items via scent trails.
  • Alester Sarwyck - A noble of House Sarwyck, who abandoned his noble family in order to join the Red Priests.

Non-playable characters

  • Jeor Mormont - The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Known as the Old Bear, he commands the Watch with a diligent and disciplined hand.
  • Qhorin Halfhand - A ranger of the Night's Watch and second-in-command at the Shadow Tower. He is considered a living legend among his fellow Black Brothers.
  • Elyana - Alester's sister. Her bastard half-brother Valarr plans to marry her and claim of all Riverspring for himself.
  • Harwyn - Maester for the Sarwycks in Riverspring. When Alester's father passed away, he sent a letter to Alester in hopes of him returning for the funeral.
  • Varys - Called the Spider and the Master of Whisperers, Varys is a member of the king's small council and constantly involves himself in events for the good of the realm.
  • Queen Cersei Lannister - Married to King Robert Baratheon.
  • Chataya - Runs an upscale brothel in King's Landing and was born in the Summer Islands.
  • Jeyne - A mysterious woman of low birth.
  • Valarr - The bastard son of the now deceased Lord Raynard Sarwyck.
  • Harlton - Lord of Castlewood. Was a supporter of the Targaeryans during Robert's Rebellion.
  • Marianne - Lord Harlton's niece.


The town of Riverspring and its surrounding countryside were created solely for the videogame and do not appear anywhere within the book series or the HBO series. It is the home of House Sarwyck, which are bannermen for the Lannisters. Unrest begins to stir with the recent passing of Lord Raynald Sarwyck.



When starting a new game, the player must choose one of three combat styles for both Mors and Alester. Styles determine the background for Mors and Alester, as well as what type of fighter they are. It enables bonuses for certain weapon types, and each style contains two combat stances.

Combat styles for Mors

  • Magnar: The warrior style. Adept at melee weapons and favors brute force over finesse. Can dual-wield weapons and prefers medium armor.
  • Landed Knight: A melee fighter that uses a defensive stance instead of headfirst attacking. Can wear heavy armor and shields.
  • Hedge Knight: Jack-of-all-trades style, able to use both melee weapons and ranged weapons. Can absorb a lot of damage and also prefers two-handed weapons for extra damage.

Combat styles for Alester

  • Water Dancer: A master swordsman, combining speed, grace, and balance. Utilizes one-handed weapons and light armor for swift attacks.
  • Sellsword: Mercenary style focusing on stealth, timing, and nimble moves for quick assassinations. Specializes in one-handed weapons and medium armor.
  • Archer: This style focuses on ranged weapons and picking off enemies from a great distance.


Mors' skinchanger abilities

Mors is always accompanied by his dog (who he calls Dog) and has the ability to control the beast with commands, as well as enter its body to explore. Dog can do these actions: attack enemies, explore an area, and follow a scent.

Alester and the Light of R'hllor

As a Red Priest and follower of the Lord of Light, Alester has a wealth of abilities related to his god. Some of them include:

  • Incombustible: Due to his closeness to pyromancy, Alester is more resistant against fire-based attacks.
  • Flaming weapons: The ability to set his sword on fire for extra damage.
  • Flame of life: Is able to revive a fallen teammate with this attribute.

Weapons and Armor

Certain weapon types receive a damage bonus depending on the type of armor an enemy is wearing.

Weapon typeResult
Cutting weapons15% bonus damage against light armor (leather)
Perforating weapons15% bonus damage against medium armor (mail)
Blunt weapons15% bonus damage against heavy armor (plate)
All weapon types15% bonus damage against plain clothing