Glyph is a platforming game in virtual reality. The character is a mechanical ball, controlled from a third person perspective. The objective of the game is to collect 3 shards to open the end portal in each level. If the player dies, the shards have to be collected again.

Each level also has multiple coins, an artifact and a relic to collect. These collectibles unlocks skins.

The levels have preset times to beat to gain bronze, silver or gold medal time for that level, giving the game a speedrunning element.

The game has a multiplayer hub. From there a game of tag against other players can be launched. In this game mode the objective is to collect 10 coins first. The catch is, that the coins only spawn for the controller of a sphere, of which there is only one. Control of the sphere is swapped when another player comes close to the controller, making the game-mode resemble a game of tag.