High Speed

Run the red light and outrun the cops on this classic pinball machine.


High Speed is a 1986 Steve Ritchie-designed pinball machine, inspired by Ritchie's own personal experience in a 1979 high-speed chase with the police. By maneuvering the ball towards a variety of targets and ramps, players attempt to advance the traffic lights from green to yellow to red, in order to run the red light and be chased by the cops. Players then attempt to elude the cops and find safe haven in the hideout, rewarded by a number of points bonuses along the way.

Though High Speed was originally released as a pinball machine, it was later brought to the NES by Tradewest, a division of Midway. The NES version of the game was developed by Rare.

High Speed eventually spawned a sequel called The Getaway: High Speed II.

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