Hodj 'n' Podj

A puzzle based minigame compilation tied around a loose narrative involving the rescue of princesses by the titular heroes, Hodj and Podj.
This series of mini-games is linked together by a board game style quest to rescue the twin princesses, Mish and Mosh, who were kidnapped by villains. There are a total of nineteen different mini-games in Hodj and Podj. Each game gives the player clues, money or some items that they will need to rescue the twin princesse. The user has preordained knowledge of what each game has to offer him, and can choose accordingly.
The game is set up like a board game, and the user will be asked to roll a pair of dice and move the corresponding number on the playing board. The board contains many tiles that link the mini-games together. The player can choose which mini-game to gravitate toward, based on what he perceives he needs to complete his quest. The user can play as either of the two princes, Hodj and Podj, both of whom want to rescue the princesses and be placed on the throne of the land of Po-Porree. The name of the game is derived from the names of these characters, and it is also a play on the phrase “Hodge Podge". The games can also be played apart from the quest mode for users who are just intrigued by the play and do not care about the story line.