Hugo's House of Horrors

Hugo's House of Horrors is a classic DOS adventure game developed by Gray Design Associates. After the beautiful Penelope is kidnapped by fiendish ghouls and taken to a haunted house, her boyfriend Hugo must enter the spooky home and rescue her!

The player takes control of Hugo, as he searches for his girlfriend Penelope in a haunted house, after she goes missing there. You control Hugo's character using the directional keys, and and interact with the environment by typing in commands, such as "Pick up pumpkin", "Smash pumpkin" etc. The game was created by Gray Design Associates, and has three sequels, Whodunit?, The Jungle of Doom, and Nitemare 3-D, which is a retelling of this game's story, except that instead of peacefully solving puzzles to save Penelope, Hugo picks up a gun and blasts his way through an army of ghouls in a first-person shooter.