Incredible Crisis

One very, very bad day for a crazy Japanese family.


Incredible Crisis, known as Tondemo Crisis in Japan, is a mini-game collection for PlayStation and Arcades that features several unique qualities. There is a heavy narrative element to the game, which tells the story of a prototypical Japanese family's particularly insane and outlandish day. Perhaps more interestingly, the story is told from each family member's point of view sequentially so that as you see each character's day unfold, you learn more about the events in the other family members' day. In addition to its cinematic storytelling style, Incredible Crisis makes many direct references to films.


The father, Taneo, is a typical Japanese salary man with a certain Buster Keaton quality whose day is punctuated by mandatory workplace exercises, a Raiders of the Lost Ark-inspired escape from a giant stone globe, a harrowing ride in a broken elevator, a run-in with trivia-obsessed EMTs, a rendezvous with a femme fatal, and a number of explosions. Over the course of the day, the family deals with a bank robbery, an alien invasion, a gigantic teddy bear that's terrorizing the city, and other such movie-sized threats.


The game's soundtrack was provided by the Japanese ska band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

You can enjoy their awesome music on their myspace.

Cheat Codes

For big head mode press up or down on controller two while playing.

For "Parappa the Rapper-style" thin people press left or right on controller two while playing.

For meaningless strange sounds press X, square, triangle then circle on controller two while playing.