Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal game

Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal

An Xbox-exclusive 3D fighting game by members of DreamFactory, pitting 12 brutal brawlers in an underground fighting tournament. The game was also known for its controversy surrounding religious content and its recall from it.


Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal (known in Japan as Kakutou Choujin: Fighting Super Heroes and known in-game simply as Kakuto Chojin) is a 3D fighting game developed by Dream-Publishing and published by Microsoft for the Xbox in North America (on November 11, 2002) and Japan (on January 1, 2003).

The sole game from Dream-Publishing (a joint subsidiary between DreamFactory and Microsoft) and originally created as a tech demo for the Xbox, Kakuto Chojin takes place in the gritty streets of the dangerous city of Drasuka, as 12 brawlers participate in the underground Fist of Fire tournament hosted by the evil Maladinia organization. The game is unique for its two fighting styles per character ("Kakuto" and the unlockable "Chojin") and optional four-player Versus mode.

The game is known for being pulled off of store shelves months after release due to the controversy regarding religious content in the game. This is due to phrases from the Quran being chanted in the stage theme for the Middle Eastern character Asad. After its recall, the game was never re-released.


  • Rena
  • Khan
  • Reiji
  • Shadow
  • Sabre
  • Roxy
  • J.D. Stone
  • Ying Kai Li
  • Vittoria
  • Crusher Ramirez
  • Vegard
  • Asad
  • Daeva (final boss, unlockable)


There are thirteen stages in Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brawl each is associated with a playable character. Some of the stages in the game allow the player to ring out their opponent through juggles over the edges.

  • The Back Alley (Yin Kai Li's Stage)
  • The Chamber (Khan's Stage)
  • Deep Freeze (Vegard's Stage)
  • Enter The Fire (J.D. Stone's Stage)
  • Gladiator Ring (Crusher Ramirez's Stage)
  • Hall of Fates (Asad's Stage)
  • The Killing Floor ( Sabre's Stage)
  • Sacrilege (Roxy's Stage) This stage has a chance of ring out.
  • Stairway to Hell (Rena's Stage)
  • Top Of The World (Reiji's Stage)
  • Under Heaven (Shadow's Stage)
  • The Underbelly (Vittoria's Stage) This stage has the chance of ring out.
  • Circle Of Fire (Daeva's Stage)

Game Modes


  • Story Mode: Players select characters and then fight a series of opponents through the Fist of Fire Tournament.
  • Survival Mode: Players select a character then fight as many computer controlled fighters one at a time, without dying.
  • Practice Mode: Is a training room for players to get accustomed to a characters move-sets.


  • Versus: Traditional one-on-one fighting against a friend.
  • Battle Royal: This mode allows four players to fight simultaneously, in either two teams of two or in a free-for-all battle.
  • Capture the Crown: This is a four player mode modeled after King of the Hill. Players only gain points while standing in a designated area of the stage.


  • In the game characters can choose between Kakuto and Chojin move-sets for the fighters to use. To unlock a fighters Chojin move-set the story mode must be completed with the fighter.
  • Daeva, the final boss, can be unlocked as a playable character once the story mode has been completed with all fighters. This task can be completed on any difficulty setting.
  • Daeva's "Circle of Fire" stage, can be unlocked once the game has been completed with Daeva. Once complete the stage can be selected by selecting the "Under Heaven" stage and cycling to the left.