Kenny vs Spenny: Best Friends, Worst Enemies

Kenny vs. Spenny: Best friends / Worst Enemies is a collection of mini-games for mobile phones based on the popular TV series Kenny vs Spenny. The mini-games are all based on episodes of the show such as 'Who can win a rat race?', 'Who’s got the biggest balls?' & 'Who can wear an octopus on his head the longest?'.

“When I want a quick distraction that promises a couple laughs I fire up “Kenny vs Spenny: Best Friends/Worst Enemies” and duke it out as either Kenny or Spenny in the kinds of ridiculous contests and tasks that helped them rise to fame.” – Will Park – IntoMobile

Kenny vs Spenny: Best Friends/Worst Enemies is a video game that takes the duo’s legendary competitiveness to the next level: the mobile gaming world!

In this wireless game, Kenny and Spenny face each other once again, in three hilarious mini-competitions. The mini-games can be played either separately or bundled together to form a mega competition. For the winner, the reward is the same in each case: bragging rights, and access to a series of humiliating images of the loser. All of the mini-comps are based on real competitions seen in the series:

Who Can Win a Rat Race? Kenny and Spenny once again race their rats Sean and Phoebe in the ultimate determination of who has the superior beast.

Who’s got the biggest balls? Based on one of the highest-rated episodes in Season Two, the boys compete to see who can withstand the most pain.

Who can wear an octopus on his head the longest? Kenny and Spenny battle to see who can wear an octopus on his head the longest, while avoiding a number of objects and traps.

Best Friends/Worst Enemies is loaded with inside jokes and info and will have great appeal to fans of the show.

Developed by Breakthrough Entertainment and Big Blue Bubble. Distributed worldwide exclusively by GlobalFun. Produced with the generous support of the Telefilm Canada New Media Fund.