Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Kingdom Under Fire takes the action of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and mingles in strategic elements from the RTS genre

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is the sequel to Kingdom Under Fire: War of Heroes and continues the storyline 50 years later. 


Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders takes the hack and slash style of Dynasty Warriors and adds in real-time strategy and some role-playing. Before entering battle, you control where you want your various units/armies to go via a mini map. When the main character's army engages in battle with the enemy, the gameplay switches to hack and slash. 


Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders includes these unit-types: 
  • Airborne Units - Engages units from the air. Only archers, special ballistas, and magic can attack them.
  • Archers - Fire at air and ground targets. Dark Legion archers can fire from horseback.
  • Artillery - Engage units from long range.
  • Cavalry - Disrupts enemy ranks and causes massive troop damage.
  • Infantry - Basic melee units.
  • Mortars - Fire at ground targets and can take down castle walls. (Human Alliance exclusive)
  • Orc Ghouls - Orcs risen from the grave that have high defence but are vulnerable to holy damage. They can be sent to destroy a siege weapon as a suicide bomber.
  • Sappers - Lay traps that damage the enemy and can set fire to forests. Sappers can be used as a substitute for infantry. Human Alliance sappers lay mines which yield greater damage.
  • Scorpions - Can be used as infantry or take down castle walls as infantry. Scorpions are immune to arrow damage. (Dark Legion exclusive)
  • Spearmen - Special infantry units that can immobilize enemy troops in front of them and can take down cavalry. The Dark Legion version of spearmen are orc axemen.
  • Support Units - Units that can cause massive damage to the enemy. These units can be bomber wings, dirigibles, storm riders, swamp mammoths, or wyverns.

Xbox Live

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders has online multiplayer in gametypes such as head-to-head and deathmatch. Online ranks were kept on leaderboards.

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