Kirby's Pinball Land

Kirby meets pinball on the Game Boy.


Kirby's Pinball Land is a pinball game starring Kirby and many familiar characters from the Kirby series. The object of the game is to take Kirby to the top of three separate pinball tables themed after a stage from Kirby's Dream Land. Each table has three individual floors. The only way to lose a life is to fall through the bottom of the third floor and fail to return by bouncing off of the springboard located underneath each table. By reaching the top of the table and finding a warp star Kirby will be taken to a fight against that table's boss. There are three different bosses:

  • Whispy Woods
  • The Poppy Bros.
  • Kracko

Once Kirby has defeated all of them he will be taken to a fight against King Dedede. Defeating him will start the game over again, allowing Kirby to return to each of the three tables once more and build up an even higher score.


Kirby earns points by coming into contact with just about anything on the game boards. Defeating enemies, attacking boss characters, and collecting items will all bestow differing amounts of points on him. In addition to the basic ways of earning points, Kirby also banks a bonus score in the lower right corner. This bonus score consists of a multiplicand and a multiplier. Performing specific actions, especially during mini-games, increases either the multiplicand or the multiplier, with the multiplier being more difficult to increase. When Kirby dies, the product of these two numbers is applied to his total score.

High scores are not kept for each individual table. Instead they are kept for the total score of each playthrough.


There are three different mini-games, one for each table. The mini-games can all be reached by locating a warp star on the second floor. In these games Kirby can score bonus points and even earn 1-Ups. Each has a different objective. The Whispy Woods game revolves around breaking blocks to earn bonuses. The Poppy Bros. game involves shooting Kirby into a soccer goal guarded by Squishy. Finally, the Kracko mini-game requires you to knock items passing by up to a second Kirby who is standing over the playing area awaiting a meal.