Laser Robot

Atari 8Bit Jump and Run, nice graphics.

Laser Robot


The Laser Robot is a climbing, bounce and skill game, which also has a nuance of action. 
Sense of the whole is it to steer the small robot through 20 level and to avoid the danger.
All the radioactive articles (flashing) must be collected. 
The Robot is the space security authority, he must fight on the way also mutated creatures, some he can simply shoot and other are indestructible and can only be gone around.
Since as everyone knows radioactivity in the long term is not good, each level has a time limit which you have to finish in time.
Also the game has specially lives, highscore counter, tracing mode and many more.


The Laser Robot is controlled by joystick in port 1. 
To do climbing press the joystick high/down, shooting goes only with running in one direction with the fire button, jumping over abysses press the joystick diagonally to the right/ left above, is there a ladder, chain or something else to jump on then start only briefly, under any circumstances push the joystick further in a direction because the robot keeps running otherwise.
The objects are taken up by simply contact.

Laser Robot obtainable of Cassette and Floppy Disc (1991). 


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