Legacy of Ys: Books I & II

A compilation of the DS remakes of Ys I & II bundled together on one cartridge.

These remakes of Ys I & II feature new additions to the core gameplay mechanics.

  • Eight way directional movement - Adol can now move diagonally, allowing for greater maneuverability over the TGCD version.
  • Stylus controls - a new way to play using the standard bump-based battle system, and allows for quicker field navigation.
  • D-Pad controls - the standard control scheme, that now allows players to actively swing Adol's sword, and also gives them more refined movement.
  • Improved localization - handled by the staff at Atlus USA, Ys I & II receive a clean and accurate English translation.
  • Expanded story sequences - additional areas and characters have been added in from Ys Eteranal.
  • Vaguex-Vardette - a brand new area exclusive to the DS remakes, which also includes a whole new equipment set.