Master of Magic

A top-down dungeon crawler released for Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.


The protagonist of this game is a young man who is teleported into a maze full of creepy denizens and easy ways to die and the only way out is to find a magical amulet. The screen is divided into three sections:

  • The upper left section of the screen displays an overhead map.
  • The upper right features a scroll that tells the player what is going on in the game world, in particular during fight.
  • The lower part of the screen shows enemies and items that are in proximity to the hero.


ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)04/198686,87C6410 out of 10100
Robert FrippGerman
Your Commodore04/198646C649 out of 1090
Commodore User03/198641C644.4 out of 588
Mike PattendenEnglish
Computer + Video Games03/198630C648.8 out of 1088
Zzap04/1986106C6488 out of 10088
Crash08/198672,73ZX Spectrum86 out of 10086
Commodore Horizons03/198618C648 out of 1080
Sinclair User09/198669ZX Spectrum4 out of 580
Gary RookEnglish
Your Sinclair09/198670ZX Spectrum8 out of 1080
Computer Gamer03/198638,39ZX Spectrum3.75 out of 575
Gordon HamlettEnglish
64'er04/1986154C6411 out of 1573Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
Micro Hobby07/198716ZX Spectrum6.2 out of 1062
Your Computer04/198647C643 out of 560
Lee PaddonEnglish
Tilt05/198728ZX Spectrum12 out of 2060
ZX Computing08/198614,15ZX SpectrumGreat-
Happy Computer04/1986157C64--
Heinrich LenhardtGerman
Popular Computing Weekly06/19/198617ZX Spectrum--
Tony BridgeEnglish