Monster Rancher BattleCard GB game

Monster Rancher BattleCard GB

Monster Rancher Battle Card GB is Tecmo's attempt to cash in on the trading card game craze.


Monster Rancher Battle Card GB, unlike other card game video games, is not based on an actual card game. Instead, it is based on the Monster Rancher franchise, but put into card game format. 
The player uses three monsters, each with a certain amount of hit points, and uses a deck of fifty cards to defeat the defending monsters. To do this, the player must put card from his hand into the Guts pile. When a player uses a card, it usually has an amount of Guts required on it, and whatever the amount of Guts is for the card, that is the number of cards that must leave the Guts pile. If a player does not have enough Guts in the Guts pile, the card cannot be used. 
Each turn, a player draws enough cards to have five. If the player has five cards, then they do not draw. All three monsters and the player may attack once, which means only four attacks can be used each turn. A player can use Combos to make a Monster attack stronger. For example, Tiger can combo "RightClaw", "Horn", and "LeftClaw" for a combo of 7 damage. If each one was used alone, the attack would do 1 damage for each turn. 
Players can win by either defeating the defending Monsters or by the opposing party not having any cards in the deck left. 


At the beginning of the game, a player may choose either to be a boy or girl. Whichever one is chosen, the story is the same. 
The game opens by showing the character taking a test to get a Card Breeder License, meaning he or she can play cards and go to ruins. After three questions are answered, the player is given three Monsters. The player is then told to go out to the Ruins and defeat the player on the sixth floor for a CD which has another Monster he or she may use. 
Once the first three ruin areas are complete, the player must take another license test for a better license, letting him or her go to even more ruins for even more Monsters to use.