Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is an 3D action-adventure game that follows a group of misfits named Goemon, Ebisumaru, Yae, and Sasuke as they try to defeat the evil Peach Mountain Shoguns and restore peace and order to Ancient Japan.

Oedo town is being trashed by mysterious peach shaped space ship looking to turn all of japan into a stage for their perverse arts. It is up to Goemon and Ebisumaru to save lord of Oedo town and the rest of Japan from these peach obsessed degenerates. During their quest they are joined by Yae, Sasuke and a giant robot.


Adventure Mode

The majority of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is a 3D action adventure game played from the 3rd-person perspective. It is very similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although Mystical Ninja was released first. The game contains open-world exploration as well as separate dungeons and puzzle gameplay. In between the open-world areas are towns which feature shops where players can buy items, heal, or get hints on where to go next. The player can switch control between the four primary characters to take advantage of their individual powers. Players can also collect items to upgrade their basic weapons to do more damage.


Goemon: A blue-haired ninja and one of two characters available from the start of the game. His main weapon is a pipe, and his secondary weapon is throwing golden coins, or Ryo. His special ability is the chain pipe, which can be used similarly to Link's hookshot.

Ebisumaru: A slightly odd ninja, and the second of two characters immediately available. His main weapon is a mallet, and his secondary weapon is a "meat mallet," which turns enemies into health upgrades. His special ability is a camera which can reveal hidden objects.

Yae: A female ninja who tries to keep the group in check. Her main weapon is a katana, and her secondary weapon is a bazooka which costs money to fire, but can lock onto foes. Her special ability is a flute which, when played, can transport the player to any town they have visited.

Sasuke: A small, mechanical ninja. His main weapon are Kunai, and his secondary weapon is a small bomb. His special ability is to fire ice kunai, which can cool down heated areas.

Impact Mode

Mystical Ninja's boss battles are third person action, as well as first-person fighting sequences played from the cockpit of a giant robot named Impact. At certain scripted events (usually at the end of a dungeon), Goemon blows a magical conch shell summoning Impact after a brief cutscene.

The sequence begins with a third person 3d sidescroller, where impact must destroy as many obsticles as he can while skating forwards and trying to avoid death. He can swing his clubs to break buildings and destroy airborne enemies, as well as shoot coins at ground units.

After the third-person segment, Impact enters first person mode and gains new attacks. Impact's attacks include hitting with a giant hammer and punching with extending arms. Impact is also able to shoot out coins at enemy robots. When the opportunity presents itself, Impact can perform combo attacks such as multiple punches combined with a finishing kick.


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is set in a fictional medieval Japan. After seeing a large, peach-shaped spaceship crash into the nearby castle, Goemon and Ebisumaru travel to the castle to save the Lord of Odea. Upon arriving Goemon meets a member of the "Gang of Four" who wish to convert Japan into a stage for them to perform on, and turn all of the people into a loyal audience. Goemon must then embark to stop the Gang of Four, meeting and helping the ninjas Yae and Sasuke along the way while seeking help from the eccentric "Wise Man."


As the story of the game is about an outer-space theater troupe attacking Japan, music plays a major role. For instance, the game contains an opening music video with a theme song. Also, before the final boss battle the game's villains perform a musical number. The game's cinematics were fairly impressive for it's time as it was one of the first Nintendo 64 to feature songs with vocals. All of the vocals are in Japanese with english subtitles.

Theme Song Lyrics

"Fight on...

Fight on...

Never giving up

Let's start our journey as we whistle along

Going now

Well, look at the sky

Peeping through the clouds

You can see, just how big the sky really is

Even if the harsh winds were to take you away

Live your life the way YOU want it,

That is the destiny for many

Fight on...

Fight on...

There is more than one dream,

If we reach for it hard enough...


Fight on...

Fight on...

Never giving up

Let's start our journey as we whistle along

Going now"

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