NFL Blitz: Special Edition game

NFL Blitz: Special Edition

NFL Blitz Special Edition is a Nintendo 64 exclusive release, and was only available for purchase in Blockbuster rental stores.


NFL Blitz Special Edition was developed by Point of View and published by Midway. It was released on November 28, 2001 in Blockbuster rental stores. It was the both the final Blitz--as well as football--release for the Nintendo 64.


Gameplay was very similar to that of Blitz 2001, with nearly no changes being made.


Like gameplay, the presentation of Blitz SE was the same of the Blitz 2001 release. The biggest differential between the two games was the fact that Blitz SE had an updated roster for the respective upcoming NFL season. All features and modes return from Blitz 2001.


Blitz SE was part of a special Blockbuster promotion, giving Blockbuster the exclusive release and sales for the game. Blockbuster initially had put it on shelves as a "rent only" title, but the game was placed on sale in their stores just weeks later. Because of this, the game was not widely available and did not produce sales numbers akin to those of previous Blitz releases. Razor Freestyle Scooter for the Nintendo 64 was also released under the same sales structure.

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