Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams game

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams slashes its way back onto the PlayStation 2, in this 2 disc epic adventure.


Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams is the 4th main installment to the Onimusha series. However the main character this time around will be " Sōki" based on real life person Yūki Hideyasu who was Tokugawa Ieyasu's second son. 

One of the main changes from its predecessor was the full use of the camera, however in a few areas the camera is locked. Again just like in Onimusha 3: Demon Seige the game uses full 3D rendered backgrounds as apposed to pre-rendered backgrounds used in the first two games.

The game includes Japanese voice overs if the player wishes to change that, this feature was only included in the original Onimusha before the release of Dawn of Dreams. Even in the Japanese Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams the option for both text and voice in English are available.
You are also able to change things from Subtitles to having green blood.


A big change to the series is that another character can be controlled during gameplay, you can easily switch between which character you want to control. The AI will control the other character and does a fairly decent job but they can also follow certain commands which can be issued through the D-pad.

A shop system is also available where players can buy new weapons as well as upgrade them, you can buy accessories which gives the player certain advantages depending on what they use and they can also purchase other items like medicine. You can even gain new skills and improve them throughout the game.

The game has quite a lot of RPG elements in it you will be able to increase, your characters level, HP, MP, OP to improve your character.
When you kill an enemy you can absorb their soul you can later use these souls to upgrade your weapons.


Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams takes place about fifteen years after the defeat of Nobunaga Oda from the end of Onimusha 3: Demon Seige. 
Hideyoshi Toyotomi who is Nobunaga's vassal takes over the country,  unifying it under one banner and basically ending the wars that had torn the land apart under his former lord's banner.

But this piece doesn't last very long when natural disasters keep occurring acting as an omen of things to come which includes an "Omen Star" appearing in the sky.
A lot of rumors started spreading across the country that the Genma are going to return and that Hideyoshi has something to do with it.



Sōki - Hideyasu Yuki

A powerful samurai who has the power of the Dark Oni.

Through the game he is called many different things from Sōki, Hideyasu Yuki, Blue Demon, God of Darkness and the Oni of the Ash.

Once he learns what Hideyoshi is doing he sets off on a journey to burn the Genma trees and kill the Genma that are running wild across the country.

While on his travels a creature by the name of Minokichi helps Sōki on his quest.
He gives Sōki information on different creaturesand places they traverse and talk about your allies who you will eventually meet, he is also able to use instant teleport travel.

Sōki's voice was done by David Berón for the English version and Toshiyuki Kusuda for the Japanese version of the game.

Jubei - Akane Yagyu

A young woman who carries on the name of the famous Yagyu clan.

Jubei has amazing skills and she even has the Eye of the Oni.

Jubei or also known as Akane is assigned to kill former clan member and relative Munenori Yagyu as he has betrayed and killed members of the Yagyu clan.

She is known for using a  shikomizue. A weapon famously used by the fictional swordmaster Zatoichi.

Jubei's voice was done by  B.J. Ward for the English version and Yukana Nogami for the Japanese version of the game.


Younger sister to Lady Yodo who is the royal concubine to Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Ohatsu is a fantastic marksman, she can use techniques similar to those of her mentors, Magoichi Saika who is in Onimusha 2.

She is the daugter of Oyu who is also from Onimusha 2.

Ohatsu can use different kind of firearms, explosives and even a grapple hook.

Ohatsu's voice was done by  Nika Futterman for the English version and Sanae Kobayashi for the Japanese version of the game.

Roberto Frois

His mother is Japanese his father is Spanish, he is a Christian missionary.

He was betrayed by his adopted and demonically possessed father, Luís Fróis.

Roberto is a magnificent fighter he uses his enchanced arms and fists and is able to do various boxing style techniques.

His theme tune also contains a small guitar sample from the first mission of Devil May Cry 3 and in missions 13-15. Roberto's gaunlets are based on the Christian archangel's, Raphael, Uriel and Michael.Although he appears to have a tough exterior, deep inside he's a romantic as you will discover the book he was reading was "Romeo and Juliet". Roberto and Ohatsu have their moments in the game.

Roberto's voice was done by Juan Monsalvez for the English version and Wataru Hatano for the Japanese version of the game.

Tenkai Nankobo

A mysterious monk who makes his home high upon Mt. Hiei.

He has sensed the stirrings of evil and has started on a quest. Eventually he discovers Hideyoshi's intentions.

During the games end credits it is revealed that Tenkai is actually  Samanosuke Akechi.

Tenkai's voice was done by  Josh Keaton for the English version and Hideo Ishikawa for the Japanese version of the game.


Neo Fortinbras

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Hideyoshi's voice was done by Tôru Ôkawa for the Japanese version of the game.

Claudius - Mitsunari Ishida

Mitsurari's voice was done by  Alastair Duncan for the English version and  Norio Wakamoto for the Japanese version of the game.

Ophelia - Lady Yodo

Yodo's voice was done by Mari Yokô for the Japanese version of the game.

Rosencrantz - Luis Frois

Luis' voice was done by  Masaharu Satō for the Japanese version of the game.

Munenori Yagyu

Munenori's voice was done by  Josh Keaton for the English version and Keiji Fujiwara for the Japanese version of the game.

Sakon Shima

Sakon's voice was done by Kenta Miyake for the Japanese version of the game.

Ban Danemon

Ban's voice was done by Shōzō Iizuka for the Japanese version of the game.

Armored Soldier

Genma Warrior


Triangle - Oni Magic
Circle - Examine
X - Absorb Souls
Square - Attack

Start - Pause / Sub Screen
Select - Map
D-Pad - Issue Command
R3 - Click to Reset Camera
L1 - Guard
L2 - Character Change
R1 - Ready / Focus on Enemy
R2 - Secret Technique

R1 Circle : Kick
L3 R3 : Oni Awakening
Hold Triangle to charge to Level 3 followed by L2 for a co-op attack

Partner Commands
D-Pad Up - All out Attack
D-Pad Down - Wait and Recover
D-Pad Right - Follow and Attack
D-Pad Left - Special Order (Different for each character)


Soki's Skills
Hold R1 while performing each skill

Whirlwind - Back, Forward Square
Sōki will step forward with a spinning horizontal attack that will lead into an 
overhead strike.

Thrust - Forward Square
Sōki will stab in front of him.

Blade Jab - Forward Square during "Thrust"
Sōki moves closer to the enemy and pulls off a multiple hitting stab.

Lift - Back Square
Sōki uppercuts the enemy.

Slam - Forward Square during "Lift"
Sōki will do a shoulder slam, you can do this up to 3 times for each lift.

Finisher - Square near a downed enemy
Sōki stabs the enemy with his sword while they are laid out, press Square to push the sword deeper into the enemy.

H.Splitter - Square X
Sōki will put his sword in the air and attack with a overhead strike.

Kick - Circle
Sōki will kick the enemy it can also knock them to the ground.

Phoenix - Forward, Back Square
Sōki will jump and attack horitontally to the ground.

Secret Technique - Sword of Purification 
Coil - R2
Sōki's purifying sword will spin around him and hit any nearby enemies.

Stab - Forward R2
Sōki will throw the purifying sword infront of him.

Flight - Back R2
Sōki will slightly throw the sword forward before thrusting it into the ground.

Oni Awakening - Onimusha Transformation
When Sōki is in Oni form every attack that he does will draw out their souls and automatically absorb them.

Oni Cutter - Triangle
This move will take the place of the usual Oni Magic while Soki is 
transformed.  This uppercut attack will hit multiple times.

Special Order
Absorb Souls - D-Pad Left while controlling another character
Sōki will stand still and absorb all the souls within distance

Jubei's Skills
Hold R1 while performing each skill

Flurry - Square X

Thrust - Forward Square

Chaser - Forward Square during "Thrust"

Lift - Back Square

Rising Dragon - Back, Forward Square

Finisher - Square near a downed enemy, press Square again to push the sword deeper into the enemy.

Moon Blade - Back, Forward Square

Kick - Circle

Cresent - Square as kick hits

Special Attack - Quick Draw
Beacon - R2

Skim - Forward R2

Pinwheel - Back R2

Oni Awakening - Demon Eye
Everyone except for Jubei will move really slowly once transformed.

Shadow Cast - Triangle

Special Order
Distract Enemy - D-Pad Left while controlling another character

Ohatsu's Skills
Hold R1 while performing each skill

Charge up - Hold Square

Thrust - Forward Square

R.Kick - Forward, Back Square

Lift - Back Square

Meteor Drop - Square X

Finisher - Square near a downed enemy

Fireworks - Back, Forward Square

Kick - Circle

Stinger - Forward Square during "Kick"

Special Attack - Explosives

Gunpowder - R2

Bomb Toss - Forward R2

Time Bomb - Back R2

Oni Awakening - Demon Blood

Demon Shots - Triangle

Special Order
Cover Fire - D-Pad Left while controlling another character

Roberto's Skills

Hold R1 while performing each skill

Hook Storm - Square while swaying left to right in a guard position, keep tapping Square to keep punching and press X to dash.

Body Blow - Forward Square

Top Spin - Forward Square during "Body Blow" or Back, Forward Square

Uppercut - Back Square

Flare-up - Back Square during "Uppercut" or Forward, Back Square

Finisher - Square near a downed enemy

Nova - Hold Square

Kick - Circle

Strikedown - Square X

Special Attack - Death Grip

Throw - R2

Yank - Forward R2, Square

Overflow - Back R2, Square repeatedly

Oni Awakening - Exorcising Fist

Every attack Roberto does using Square he will make into a high hit combo

High Rush - Triangle

Special Order
Berserk - D-Pad Left while controlling another character

Tenkai's Skills
Hold R1 while performing each skill

F. Drill - Back, Forward Square

Thrust - Square

Hell Jab - Forward Square during "Thrust" tab Square to keep stabbing

Lift - Square

Nirvana - Forward Square during "Lift" keep tapping to keep stabbing or you can tap slowly to end the combo with a powerful attack

Finisher - Square near a downed enemy

Thunderclap - Square X

Kick - Circle 

Enlightenment - Forward, Back Square, tap Square to keep spinning his Spear

Special Attack - Art of Purification
Charm - R2

Enchanted Dagger - Forward, R2

Space Warp - Back, R2

Oni Awakening - Oni Gauntlet
Light Arrows - Triangle

Special Order
Pray - D-Pad Left while controlling another character


The games music is composed by Hideyuki Fukasawa and Jamie Christopherson.

Hideyuki Fukasawa did most of the in-game music and soundtracks. He also worked on the music of  Chaos Legion and it shows as there are quite a few similarities.  
Jamie Christopherson on the other hand worked on the CG cut scenes and FMV's Hollywood-style orchestral scores. 

The type of music in this game is quite different to any other in the series as more electronic tones are used.

Ayumi Hamasaki the famous Japanese pop singer has two of her songs in the game "Startin'" and "Rainy Day" for the opening and ending themes for the game. However if played on the normal English setting this will not be heard, but the player can select the Japanese language from the options menu and it will play identically to the Japanese version of the game.


There are 2 manga's based around Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, Onimusha: Night Of Genesis which has 2 volumes and Onimusha: Twilight Of Desire. Both of which are published by Udon Entertainment.

Onimusha: Night of Genesis by Mitsuru Ohsaki
Volume 1 was released in Japan on 12-22-2005
Volume 2 was released in Japan on 06-28-2006

Onimusha: Twilight Of Desire by Takashi Yaguchi

Released in Japan on 01-23-2006