ASCII-based Pac-Man clone for PCs


Pac-Gal is a simple ASCII-based Pac-Man clone that was written for PCs in 1982.  It is one of the earliest known PC-based Pac-Man clones.  You control the smiley face, and the objective is to "eat" all of the dots while avoiding the enemies.  The map contains ten flashing green dots, and eating one of them will allow you to eat the enemies (for a brief time).  You start the game with three lives, and you lose one life each time an enemy gets you.  If you eat an enemy, then you gain one life (to a maximum of three).  On the left and right sides of the level there is a warp tunnel that will warp you to the opposite side.

Nothing is known about the author, Al J. Jiménez.  Pac-Gal, which was later re-released as "Pac-Girl," is his only known game.