Pac-Pix game


An early DS game starring Pac-Man. Rather than control Pac-Man directly, the player must draw him on the screen in order to complete simple objectives.

Pac Pix was a very early Nintendo DS game released by Namco, featuring their mascot Pacman. The game does not follow the same concepts as previous Pacman games, and makes use of the touch screen functionality offered by the Nintendo DS system. Gameplay is based around drawing Pacman, and then drawing his way through the levels while avoiding ghosts. Altering the size of Pacman will change his speed as well, making levels potentially easier - or more difficult - depending on the size that Pacman is drawn.


A wizard developed an extremely powerful object, called Ghost Ink. Should anything be drawn with this ink, it appears as a ghost. Unfortunately, these ghosts entered into different books and dimensions, where they began to cause havoc. Pacman heard of this crisis and gave his help in stopping the ghosts escaping, using a tool called the 'Power Pen' (the Nintendo DS stylus). Unfortunately, Pacman was trapped with the ghosts in the book used to trap them. Pacman gives the player this pen, and asks for their help to aid his escape.