Pinball game


Originally released to Japanese markets in 1984, Pinball was later converted to the NES as a launch title in North America.


Pinball was originally released in February 1984 for Nintendo's Famicom. It later appeared as "Vs. Pinball" in arcades on the NES-based arcade hardware that the company was using at the time. This arcade release contained different sound effects and some additional features. 
The NES version, released in 1985 for the North American launch of the console, would later appear on the Game Boy Advance via the e-Reader peripheral.  The game was also made available as one of the NES titles hidden in Animal Crossing on the GameCube and as a download on the Wii's Virtual Console service.


Pinball consists of a single virtual pinball table.  As in standard pinball, the player controls flippers to bat the pinball toward bumpers and other objects in order to score points.  There is also a bonus area of the table in which the player will temporarily take control of Mario and move him back and forth across the bottom of the screen to prevent the ball from falling out of the bonus screen.