Pinball Mania game

Pinball Mania

Pinball Mania is a follow-up to Digital Illusions' pinball trilogy developed by Spidersoft Limited.


After the success of Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions, publisher 21st Century Entertainment decided to let Spidersoft Limited develop a fourth game--Pinball Mania. Where the previous games excelled in ball simulation, a lot of people felt that Pinball Mania had very lacking ball physics, making controlled shots difficult to accomplish.

A Game Boy port was also released which was only released in the UK.

The Tables


Themed after its namesake, the table features a horror movie inspired soundtrack. The design of Tarantula is arguably one of the most interesting of the four tables, featuring several ramps and two extra flippers; one at the top of the table, and one mid-table.


The theme of Jailbreak is influenced by various elements connected to criminals, police and the justice system. The music could be described as that of a suspenseful action thriller. The layout is very busy with many drop targets and arrows to light up. There are two extra flippers mid-table and it should be noted that they are reversed, meaning that the right flipper control controls the left mid-table flipper and vice versa.

Kick Off

As the name suggest, this table has a soccer match theme. The music is inspired by music associated with sporting events, and there are some very familiar queues throughout.The layout of Kick Off is symmetrical with one ramp on each side, and one extra flipper on each side of the middle of the table.


The Jackpot table has a casino theme, with a lounge soundtrack. This is a pretty straightforward table, with all the common elements, such as ramps, a loop, as well as an extra pair of mid-table flippers.