Putt & Putter game

Putt & Putter

Putt & Putter is a cross between miniature golf and pinball. It was released for the Sega Game Gear in 1991 and the Sega Master System in 1992.


"Wild and Wacky!"

"It's the best of pinball and golfing, the craziest miniature golf game anywhere! Fast action pinball-style bumpers and bars, bank shots, treadmills and water hazards scary enough to frighten a sailor! Get your "sea legs" in the Practice Mode, then accept the challenge of the 1 Player game. Or do battle with a friend and see who can get through the course in the fewest strokes. A real test of patience and eye-hand coordination, and loads of fun!"

Game Modes

The game features three different modes:

  • Practice Mode: The practice modes gives players the opportunity to develop a feel for the game. Here the player can learn how to use the power gauge, how to make bank shots and learn strategies for especially difficult courses.
  • 1 Player: This mode is more like a regular game of golf. The player has to play through three stages which consist of six holes each. The goal is to finish each hole under par, so that there are still balls remaining at the end of the stage. After each hole the scorecard is displayed.The information shown on the scorecard is:
  1. The current stage
  2. The hole numbers
  3. The number of balls remaining
  4. The par rating for each hole in the stage
  5. The number of strokes made on each previous hole
  6. The score on each hole
  7. The total score
After the first two stages there is a bonus stage in which the supply of balls can be replenished. The player has five chances to either hit the bounds three times to make them disappear or to get the ball into the hole.
  • 2 Players: The 2 player mode has the players compete on one of the three courses. The winner is whoever finishes the course with the fewer strokes. The little twist to the golf formula is that it is also possible to knock the opponent's ball off the course by either hitting it directly or by activating one of the traps which are found on the course.

Rules and Regulations

The scoring for Putt & Putter is as follows:

  • Albatross: -3 (3 strokes under par)
  • Eagle: -2
  • Birdie: -1
  • Par: /-0 (Score matches par rating)
  • Bogey: 1
  • Double Bogey: 2
  • Triple Bogey: 3 (3 strokes over par)

A play on a hole ends automatically when the strokes exceed Par 5 and Par 10 for a Single Player and a Two Player game respectively.

Hazards and Obstacles

There are several obstacles and hazards in Putt & Putter which are not usually present on a regular golf course.

  • Water: Golf balls don't float! If your ball goes into the water, you lose a shot.
  • Bound: Hitting one of these bumper-like objects sends your ball way off course. Try to avoid them if possible. Hit the same bound three times, though, and it disappears!
  • Stationary Bar: This doesn't give your ball any extra momentum, and can be used to make bank shots.
  • Control Bar: This is a springy bar which you can move. Use it to propel your ball up steep, long inclines.
  • Treadmill: On some holes, you'll find treadmills that move continously. Many of the treadmills can be turned on and off by using the appropriate switch. Watch out, because more often than not, getting caught on a moving treadmill guarantees you a wet ball and a high score for the hole.