Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank is a platformer adventure game that follows two heroes, Ratchet and Clank, on their journey to save Ratchet's home planet.


Ratchet is a Lombax, a kind of feline type creature while Clank is essentially a small robot. Teamed up they make a force to be reckoned with. However where there are good guys there is always a bad guy and it comes in the form of Chairman Drek. A creepy space alien who wants to take over the universe and that's what Ratchet and Clank are here to prevent.

Ratchet and Clank is a platformer game with an emphasis on varied and slapstick weaponry, and levels filled with a variety of aliens and robots for Ratchet and Clank to defeat with whatever they have available. Players can attack, dodge, blast and tactically jump their way into and out of any situation with an array of crazy weapons at their disposal.

There are near limitless ways to dispose of enemies, whether that's a Morph-O-Ray to turn them into Chickens, or the R.Y.N.O to obliterate all in sight.


On a distant planet, a small robot manages to escape a production plant, only to be shot down while trying to get away in a small shuttle. Meanwhile, on the planet of Veldin, Ratchet is working on fixing his own ship at his garage. Suddenly, he spots something falling from the sky, landing not far from where he was working. He finds the small robot and brings it back with him, naming it ' Clank'.

When Clank has recovered, he shows Ratchet a message from an Infobot. It features Chairman Drek, explaining how his home planet of Blarg has become so over-polluted that it is becoming impossible to live there anymore. To solve this problem, Drek reveals his plans - taking large parts from various planets, from across the Solana Galaxy, then combining them into one new area for the Blarg to live. Clank suggest they try to find Captain Qwark, the galaxy's most famous hero, to warn him of Drek's plans. Realizing his own planet is under threat, Ratchet agrees.

During their flight, Ratchet's faulty ship causes trouble again, and they end up crash landing at Novalis. While there, they receive a new ship from a native, and an infobot, containing an ad for Al's Roboshack, featuring Captain Qwark. They then fly on to Metropolis, to meet Big Al. Although he doesnt know where Qwark is, and hadn't seen him since they filmed the advert, he does upgrade Clank, installing a Heli-Pak.

Eventually, they do find Qwark, and meet up with him at his challenge course at Umbris. After they complete the course, Qwark traps them, surrounding the pair with lava. Here, he reveals his involvement with Chairman Drek, hoping it will lead to a job oppurtunity on the newly formed planet. He then leaves them to fight a Snagglebeast, expecting they would both be defeated.

After they escape, Ratchet becomes angry towards Clank, and even more so towards Qwark, vowing to get revenge on the hero. After travelling to many planets, they manage to track down Qwark, defeating him in a space battle. After this, Ratchet sees Drek destroying a nearby planet and realises how un-caring he had become. He then vows to co-operate with Clank to try defeat Drek.

They gain more information about Drek's plans to use the Deplanetizer, and discover that Ratchet's home planet of Veldin is next in line for destruction. They rush back to the planet, and confront Drek. He proceeds to tell them how it was his plan all along to pollute his home planet, knowing he could make money selling land on the new one. A large battle between him and the duo ensues in which Drek is eventually defeated. Clank notices that the Deplanetizer's position has moved and is now pointing at Blarg, Drek's home planet. Before they can do anything, the machine activates and destroys Blarg.

After this, the two become overnight celebrities, featured in media across the galaxy.


Over the top weapons became a staple of the series, after the first game introduced some wild and innovative methods of destroying enemies. Unlike later games, Ratchet & Clank didn't feature the ability for weapons to gain experience and upgrade themselves. Instead Gold Bolts could be 'attached' to the player's arsenal to augment the power.

The weapons available in the game include:

  • Bomb Glove (Free) Ammo: 40 Bombs

The Gadgetron Bomb Glove is a staple weapon of the Ratchet and Clank games, with most other titles in the series featuring this weapon or one that is very similar. It deals moderate amounts of damage in a large area, however, ammo supplies are fairly limited compared to other weapons, so it is best used sparingly against closely packed groups of enemies. Ratchet aqcuires this weapon at the very start of the game along with his Omniwrench 8000

  • Pyrocitor (2,500 bolts) Ammo: 240 Fuel

The Pyrocitor is first available to Ratchet from the weapons vendor on Novalis for the price of 2,500 bolts. It unleashes a swirling torrent of fire that deals with hordes of smaller enemies quickly, though its relatively low damage output is less effective at dispatching the larger ones.

  • Blaster (2,500 bolts) Ammo: 200 Bullets

The Gadgetron Blaster can be purchased on planet Kerwan and is the second weapon available for Ratchet to buy. Due to it's high rate of fire and increased damage compared to the Pyrocitor, most players will use it frequently throuhgout the early stages of the game. It is most effective against single, large enemies. Rather effective against most of the games bosses, especially the final boss.

  • Glove of Doom (7,500 bolts) Ammo: 10 Squads

The Glove of Doom can be bought on planet Eudora, costing three times as much as the Pyrocitor or Blaster. It differs from other weapons in the game in that it deploys small robotic 'Agents' that run up to any enemies they find and explode. This allows the player to use another weapon in conjunction with the Agents and deal more damage within a shorter time. The glove fires eggs which each carry four Agents.

  • Mine Glove (7,500 bolts) Ammo: 50 Mines

A glove that threw hovering mines that would stay stationary until it detected an enemy. At that point it would home into them and blow up. Despite being rather slow, it is quite effective for an early weapon.This is extremely effective against melee enemies.

  • Taunter (2,500 bolts)

A Gadgetron device used to emit insulting sounds in order to attract enemies. Enemies could then be lured into traps or destroyed by another weapon. The Taunter used no ammo. The taunter could also destroy boxes fom a short range.

  • Suck Cannon (Free)

The Suck Cannon was originally created by the intellgent Blarg, however Gadgetron had claimed the Suck Cannon was a prototype nearing it's release date. It was not fully known who created the Suck Cannon however there were some interesting aspects of evidence. It functions as an overpowered vacuum cleaner. It sucks up small enemies and shoots them out as projectiles making its ammo infinite.

  • Devastator (10,000 bolts) Ammo: 20 Missiles

The PX6 Devastator is a long-range weapon and is one of the cheapest long-range weapons in the Gadgetron collection. An effective menace to airborne enemies, it also had auto-tracking missiles that could lock onto enemies which made the Devastator not only powerful, but also accurate. It is first available on planet Batalia and used by the military as an anti-tank weapon.

  • Walloper (7,500 bolts)

A Gadgetron-made weapon that resembled a large white punching glove. With a base price of 7,500 bolts on planet Gaspar, it is three times as powerful as a normal strike of the OmniWrench, and creates a temporary blue forcefield around the glove when it was used, protecting Ratchet from attacks.

  • Visibomb Gun (15,000 bolts) Ammo: 20 Visibombs

A teleguided missile-launcher that has the ability to see through the rocket's eye and allowed the user to control it. The weapon is generally used to pick off enemies at a distance, and although the user had to guide the missile theselves, they did not need to have a large amount of skill to use it successfully.

  • Decoy Glove (7,500 bolts) Ammo: 20 Decoys

The Decoy Glove creates an inflatable copy of Ratchet that fooled enemies into attacking the wrong lombax, offering time for strategy. The weapon was invented by Gadgetron.

  • Drone Device (7,500 bolts) Ammo: 10 Drones

When activated, it released six hovering bots that protected the user from incoming attacks or enemies. Once equipped, these bots would circle around Ratchet, and would take any damage he would have otherwise sustained. Other weapons and gadgets could be equipped while the bots were there, but they would disappear if Ratchet entered his ship or left the planet.

  • Tesla Claw (40,000 bolts) Ammo: 240 Charges

A powerful Gadgetron weapon which could be purchased once Ratchet first visited Oltanis. It shot out a constant stream of electricity at enemies, and was most effective against large numbers of small enemies, or a few stronger ones. Its name was a homage to Nikola Tesla. Also a weapon that is incredibly effective against bosses, especially the final boss.

  • Morph-o-Ray (Free)

Gadgetron's failed attempt to create a disintegration ray. Their failed result emanated a colorful ray that turned enemies into chickens. The chickens could then be hit to attain bolts.

  • R.Y.N.O. (150,000 bolts) Ammo: 50 Missiles

The first Generation of RYNO technology, the R.Y.N.O (Rip Ya a New One) was available from the shady salesman in Blackwater city for 150,000 bolts.

Originally manufactured by the Blarg, as the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry, but then banned in the galaxy for its extreme power, the R.Y.N.O. is only available from black market vendors. Featuring high-capacity, rapid-fire, auto-tracking missiles, this weapon was simply deemed too dangerous for civilian use.


  • The Swingshot (1,000 bolts)

Available after completing Captain Qwark's fitness course on the planet Kerwan, this gadget fires hooks at Versa-Targets, allowing Ratchet to swing across gaps which he normally couldn't jump across. One of the most commonly used gadgets, and the only gadget in the Ratchet and Clank franchise that has appeared in every game.

  • The Heli-Pack (1,000 bolts)

Also acquired on planet Kerwan, the heli-pack gave Ratchet a lot more moves to use for his platforming needs, including the high jump, a boost giving Ratchet upward momentum only, the stretch jump, which launches Ratchet forwards and slightly upwards. It also had the ability to glide, making Ratchet fall at a lower speed, allowing him to glide across large distances.

  • The Thruster-Pack (2,000 bolts)

Acquired on planet Pokitaru, the Thruster-Pack is essentially the same as the Heli-Pack, but adds two new functions: The ability to Power Slam, which is a stomping move used to push buttons on the ground and the ability to hover, which is the only way to strafe in the first Ratchet and Clank game. The Thruster-Pack's Stretch Jump and High Jump are however slightly weaker than the Heli-pack's moves.

  • The Hydro-Pack (2,000 bolts)

Acquired on planet Hoven, the hydro-pack differs largely from the other backpack gadgets. It's only function is to increase Ratchet's speed underwater, which is not to say that it doesn't have many uses. It allows Ratchet to swim up against streams in the water, granting access to a few secret areas. It also made some timed underwater events possible to complete, such as the one found on planet Rilgar.

  • The Trespasser

Found on planet Aridia, the Trespasser allows Ratchet to hack invinco-locks. Invinco-locks consist of a small puzzle that Ratchet must solve by moving around 3 different circles that contain some items sending out beams of light, and some that can block beams of light. The objective is to get the beams of light to point into the indicated targets.

  • The Hydrodisplacer

Found by Clank at the Blarg Tactical Research Station, the Hydrodisplacer can drain and fill pools of water through stations located on walls near the pool.

  • The Metal Detector

This device can detect underground bolts and suck them up, providing Ratchet with additional income. It creates white-red beams depending on proximity to the bolts, becoming more and more red the closer to the bolts Ratchet is.

  • The Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant

Given to Ratchet by Gadgetron seller "Steve McQwark", the Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant allows Ratchet to bring up the vendor interface anywhere in the world to resupply ammo and buy new weapons.

  • The Hologuise

The Hologuise allows Ratchet to disguise as a Sentrybot, allowing him to walk past some robotic units in the game unharmed. It is the only way to complete certain levels, such as planet Quartu. (Picture needed)

  • The Grind Boots (2,000 bolts)

The grind boots are bought from a gadget engineer named Fred at a discount after saving his life. The grindboots allow Ratchet to slide across various surfaces, such as grindrails and train lines.

  • The Magnet Boots

The Magnet Boots are found by Clank on planet Orxon, and allow Ratchet to climb walls and hang upside down on some surfaces, generally ventilation shafts. Since all of Ratchet's weapons are made of metal, he may only use the wrench while using the Magnet Boots, because the wrench has a magnetic field of its own. This makes Ratchet swing the wrench in a higher position while wearing the Magnet Boots. He also may not jump while using the boots.

  • The Sonic Summoner

Acquired by trading the Blackwater City Hoverboard Race Prize with Skid's Agent on planet Aridia, the Sonic Summoner attracts Sandmice from nearby Sandmouse houses. The Sandmice will hover around Ratchet for a while, attacking nearby enemies.

  • The Pilot's Helmet

Found on Planet Gaspar, the Pilot Helmet allows Ratchet to use his ship in aerial dogfights against enemy ships on Pokitaru, outside the Gemlik Base and to take out the defenses at Drek's Fleet.

  • The O2 Mask

Ratchet is given the O2 Mask after helping the Jowai Resort owner on Pokitaru out. The O2 Mask provides Ratchet with Oxygen, which Lombaxes need to survive. It allows Ratchet to stay underwater for an infinite amount of time. It also allows him to survive in poisonous atmospheres such as the one found on Orxon. It also allows him to be in places where there is no Oxygen, such as outer space.