Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando game

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is the sequel to Ratchet & Clank and the second game in the long-running franchise developed by Insomniac Games.


Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is the second game of the Ratchet & Clank series, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. The story of Going Commando takes place a year after Ratchet and Clank first save the Solana Galaxy from Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek. Now both Ratchet and Clank are hired by the Megacorp company to find a blue-fuzzball creature that was stolen from the company's lab. As Ratchet finds out about the thief's plans, he learns that the creature called the "Protopet" is dangerous monster that can destroyed the whole Bogon Galaxy, now Ratchet and Clank must save the galaxy once again.

Ratchet & Clank will explore the galaxy in a semi-linear fashion with an ever expanding selection of locations available from the ship's galaxy map. Apart from tighter movement and platforming with an increased focus on shooting, the gameplay formula is similar to the first game but with additions such as upgradable weapons (upgraded by continued use), customizable ships and armor, a fighting area with bolt rewards, space ship battles, and hacking minigames to unlock doors.

Familiar elements also return like hover racing events, skill points and a new game plus mode called "challenge mode" which increases the difficulty but allows the player to keep their current weapons and equipment, and even unlock more challenge mode exclusive items.


Upon defeating Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek, Ratchet and Clank become galactic celebrities. Nearly a year passes when the duo are interviewed for Behind The Hero, a HoloVision documentary show. This grabs the attention of Abercrombie Fizzwidget (founder and CEO of Megacorp) who teleports them to a luxury apartment on Megopolis in the Bogon Galaxy.

Fizzwidget's hologram requests their assistance in the recovery of a dangerous biological experiment (with the appearance of a cute, blue fuzzball) stolen by a mysterious masked mastermind. After the supplied commando training and equipment, Ratchet is sent to a flying laboratory on planet Aranos but thief makes a quick getaway with the experiment.

Ratchet and Clank chase the thief across several planets before encountering him on the frozen planet Siberius where he's defeated and the experiment is recovered. Upon returning to Fizzwidget at the desert planet Tabora, he "accidentally" ejects them from their ship, crash landing them onto the planet.

Here, they are confronted by the thief demanding the experiment however he trips and falls, ripping the mask off to reveal a female Lombax named Angela Cross, a former Megacorp employee. She warns them that the experiment would doom the galaxy. On the planet Dobbo they realize her claims are true and attempt to warn Fizzwidget to destroy the experiment, but are unsuccessful.

It's revealed via an advertisement that the experiment (now named "The Protopet") is being cloned and prepared for mass release. On planet Boldan they're captured and imprisoned by Thugs-4-Less, a mercenary company hired by Fizzwidget. However they're able to escape and rescue Angela before travelling to Megacorp HQ to destroy the Protopets.

They discover that disgraced superhero Captain Qwark had disguised himself as Fizzwidget and was behind the plan to release the Protopets in order to destroy them to "save" the galaxy and restore his reputation as a superhero. His plans are foiled when he attempts to use Angela's Helix-o-Morph gadget designed to repair the Protopets' aggression on the original experiment, however it malfunctions, mutating it into a giant monster that swallows him.

After defeating the giant Protopet, Angela and the real Fizzwidget arrive explaining that he'd been tied up in a closet for the duration of Qwark's takeover. The Protopet regurgitates Qwark and Angela flips the Helix-o-Morph's batteries in order to shrink it back to it's original size. She then amplifies the device using Megacorp's TV transponders to destroy all the Protopets in the galaxy.

Ratchet, Clank, Angela, and Clank's Infobot lover he had met earlier relax in Ratchet's apartment in Megapolis where Angela reveals that Qwark is now employed as a Megacorp test subject.


Going Commando takes place in the Bogon Galaxy, a neighboring galaxy to Solana. The galaxy's leading weapon manufacturing company is Megacorp, based on planet Yeedil and headed by the CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget.


  • Bogon Galaxy
  • Solana Galaxy


  • Wupash Nebula
  • Maktar Nebula
  • Hugris Cloud

Space Systems

  • Feltzin Space System


  • Oozla
  • Barlow
  • Endako
  • Notak
  • Siberius
  • Tabora
  • Dobbo
  • Joba
  • Todano
  • Boldan
  • Aranos
  • Gorn
  • Snivelak
  • Smolg
  • Damosel
  • Grelbin
  • Yeedil
  • Dantopia/Burbank (US Version)


  • Jamming Array (Maktar Nebula)
  • Testing Facility Moon (Dobbo)
  • Damosel Moon (Damosel)

Space Stations

  • Slim Cognito's Ship Shack
  • Maktar Resort




The most common currency in the series which can be found lying around, in crates, by killing enemies, and can be won in arena battles and races. Can be used to purchase ammo, weapons, and armor etc.

Platinum Bolts

Rarer bolts hidden in levels which require exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving to be found. Can be used to purchase weapon modifications.


A rare mineral found among space debris, deserts, and arctic planets. Can be used to upgrade the ship.

Desert Crystals

Mystical crystals found on Tabora which can be traded for bolts.


Rare stones found on the arctic Tundor Wastes in Grelbin which can be traded for bolts.



Guns can be upgraded by using them against enemies a specific number of times. If weapons are upgrades once then mega weapons become available to purchase but only in challenge mode (new game plus). Mega weapons can then be upgraded to ultra weapons through use. Not all weapons have upgraded, mega or ultra variants.

Upgrades offer more ammo, greater damage and sometimes new abilities. Mega and ultra upgrades don't feature new abilities, just improvements in ammo, damage etc. Mods can be purchased from Slim Cognito add additional functionality such as lock on, acid or shock.

Certain weapons can be gained for free if an original Ratchet & Clank game save is detected. These weapons appeared in the first game and include the Bomb Glove, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, and Walloper.

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head

Blitz Gun

A shotgun with a wide spread of scatter shots.

Blitz Cannon

A wider blast radius incorporating electricity.

Mega Blitz Cannon

Ultra Blitz Cannon

Bomb Glove

Throws bombs that explode upon impact.


Mega Bomb Glove



Fires a bouncing bomb which explodes to reveal more bombs.

Heavy Bouncer

More powerful with bigger bombs.

Mega Heavy Bouncer

Ultra Heavy Bouncer


Fires a disc which ricochets on walls and enemies before exploding.


Fires blades which separate into two upon impact.

Mega Multi-Star

Ultra Multi-Star

Clank Zapper

Clank emits bolts of damaging green electricity.

Clank Shocker

Clank emits more damaging red lasers.


Decoy Glove

Fires an inflatable decoy.


Mega Decoy


Gravity Bomb

Fires medium range bombs.


Fires mini nuclear bombs with surrounding damage.

Ultra Mini-Nuke

The most powerful weapon in the game.

Hoverbomb Glove

Fires a floating bomb which detonates on impact or when the weapon is fired again. Can be held down to move up and down.

Tetrabomb Glove

Fires five bombs at the same time. Individual bombs are weaker but the spread is larger.

Mega Tetrabomb GloveUltra Tetrabomb Glove


Fast firing exploding energy bolts.

Heavy Lancer

Weaker energy bolts that don't explode but fires at a faster rate.

Mega Heavy LancerUltra Heavy Lancer

Lava Gun

Shoots a continuous stream of lava.

Meteor Gun

Rapid fires mini meteors.

Mega Meteor GunUltra Meteor Gun

Minirocket Tube

Auto targeting rocket launcher.

Megarocket Cannon

Charges up to fire four rockets at the same time.

Mega Mega RocketUltra Mega Rocket

Miniturret Glove

Throws auto targeting gun turrets.

Megaturret Glove

Turrets shoot rockets and self destruct upon running out of ammo.

Mega MegaturretUltra Megaturret

Plasma Coil

Fires auto targeting bolts of plasma and electricity over a short range.

Plasma Storm

Fires ricocheting orbs of plasma which shoots electricity.

Mega Plasma StormUltra Plasma Storm

Pulse Rifle

A powerful sniper rifle.


Fires exploding bullets.

Mega VaporizerUltra Vaporizer


Auto targeting missile launcher.



Seeker Gun

Fires slow moving shots which accelerate when they home in on an enemy.

HK22 Gun

Fires three seekers at once.

Mega HK22 GunUltra HK22 Gun


Turns enemies into sheep.

Black Sheepinator

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