Robo Rumble

A massive alien weapon is discovered on Mars and Earth has one year to prepare to fight the aliens who built it. Two arms manufacturers compete for the UN contract in an RTS with puzzle elements and an early use of a 3DFX accelerated 3D engine for the genre.

Robo Rumble was a simple Real Time Strategy game, with a key selling point for its release year of 1998: a 3D environment. The game was released on Windows PCs only, and is a straightforward affair. Players are challenged to beat enemies, and the game is condensed down to one resource: money. You may spend money on new units, and should enemies destroy the unit, you are refunded the value of that unit. The game includes a simplistic chat interface which is available between missions, which allows players to purchase new units and unit upgrades. The game was originally released in Poland under the name of 'Reflux'.