A pinball game featuring an extra long table themed after New York City.


Rollerball is a pinball game from HAL Laboratory themed around New York City that was released in both Japan and the US. There are four tables feature which link vertically to one another - should the player find a way to the next table (or allow the ball to pass their flippers) the game shifts its focus to a different section. The goal of the game, as it is with all pinball games, is to acquire the highest score possible with a limited number of balls. There is also a two player mode in which two human players compete on the same table for the highest score.

Though best known for its NES incarnation, Rollerball originally came out on the MSX in 1984. It was one of the first computer games Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata ever worked on. The NES version is a graphically remastered version of this original.

Rollerball has zero relation to the 1975 movie of the same name about a futuristic death sport.

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