Secret Agent Clank

After being side-kick to Ratchet for so long, Clank takes matters into his own hands to save Ratchet and solve the crime of the century.


The game begins with Clank going to the Boltaire Museum to stop the theft of the Eye of Infinity, the most valuable gem in the galaxy. Clank sees a hooded figure tripping the laser wires, and when security swarms the scene, the hooded figure is revealed to be Ratchet. Clank returns to his ship and watches a news feed that shows Ratchet being taken to prison for the theft. Ratchet seems completely out of character, stating his disgust towards heroism and its lack of rewards. He even makes a half-hearted referance to Clank, calling him a "two-bit bag o' bolts". Clank is convinced that Ratchet could not have done this, and sets out to clear his friends name. During his investigation, Clank will travel to various locales, meet new characters, and will have a multitude of weapons, gadgets and vehicles at his disposal.