Sengoku 2 game

Sengoku 2

An evil warlord from the spirit world is trying to conquer the world at key points in history. With the help of a priestess and spirits of past warriors, two swordsmen from the present are chosen to travel to the past to wipe out the warlord's forces.


Sengoku 2 (known in Japan as Sengoku Denshou 2, loosely translated to "Legacy of the Warring States 2") is a belt-scrolling brawler developed and released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on February 18, 1993.

Similar in concept to the original Sengoku, Sengoku 2 pits two new swordsmen (Claude Yamamoto and Jack Stone) against the evil forces of a powerful warlord, who is trying to conquer the world at different points in time. To do so, they must travel through time (including feudal Japan, World War II, and the modern age) with the aid of a priestess and spirits of fallen warriors (a ninja, tengu, and dog).

The game was also released for the Neo Geo AES on April 9, 1993 and ported to the Neo Geo CD on March 17, 1995. It, along with Sengoku and Sengoku 3, were later included in the 2009 Europe-exclusive compilation Sengoku Anthology (for the PlayStation 2 and PC). It was later digitally re-released for the Wii (via Virtual Console) on November 8, 2012 and Xbox One (as part of HAMSTER's Arcade Archives series) on April 13, 2017.