Smuggler's Run

Smuggler's Run is a racing game developed by Angel Studios where the player takes on the role of a smuggler who must transport cargo while evading the authorities.

Smuggler's Run was first released in November 2000 on the Playstation 2 and Gameboy Advance. The console game took advantage of the new power of the PlayStation 2's "Emotion" graphics card to create a racing game with levels that were detailed and sprawling by the day's standard.


Smuggler's Run had three modes of play:

Smuggler's Mission

This mode is the equivalent of a story mode. In this mode, the player was pitted against enemy smugglers, the CIA and the U.S. border control while trying to get their cargo from one end of the level to the next. You play the role of a new enlistment into a local smuggler ring.

The story takes place in three different areas--Snow, Sand, and Forest-- each of which have ten individual missions. Mission types include cargo pick up and delivery, defending areas and vehicles from rivals, and point-to-point racing.


This is the game's free roam mode. In this mode, the player can chose any of the unlocked areas and vehicles to drive around in and get a better feel for the level. There are no rivals in Joyriding mode so the player does not have to worry about taking damage.

Turf War

This is the game's party/mutiplayer mode. Smuggler's Run has a very robust set of multiplayer modes which can support up to eight players. The first mode is Crookes N' Smugglers which is a free for all mode were one cargo spawns on the map and the player must return it to the drop of location. The second mode known as Loot Grab, works much like Crookes N Smugglers only with teams. The last is a straight up race called Checkpoint Race.


Smuggler's Run has six vehicles.

Dune Buggy: this is the smallest vehicle in the game and is a good all rounder to start with, it has a decent top speed and acceleration but can be a bit fragile.

SUV: similar to the dune buggy, but more resilient to damage at the the cost of acceleration and handling.

Trophy Truck: this truck offers the most balanced stats in the game and can easily be used in all missions without any mayor drawbacks.

Rally Car: as you can imagine this vehicle has the greatest straight line speed of any vehicle in the game but this is compensated with its squirrelly handling and tendency to take a lot of damage.

Monester truck: this mamoth can destory almost anything in its path, just be prepared to take your time as it is the slowest vehicle in the game.

Military Vehicle: not unlike the Trophy truck, this vehicle is well balanced with slightly upgraded speed.


  • If you insert a memory card with saved data from Midnight Club, you can unlock exclusive cars from that game.