Sonic Advance 3 game

Sonic Advance 3

Sonic Advance 3 added tag mechanics to the Sonic Advance series. Some sound effects, music, and story elements are carried over from Sonic Battle.


Sonic Advance 3 maintains the fast paced, side scrolling gameplay from previous entries in the Sonic Advance franchise.  The game borrows mechanics introduced in Sonic Advance 2 such as the aerial trick system and faster moving characters.
New to this entry in the series is the ability to select a team of two characters rather than just one.  The first character selected is player controlled, while the second allows the player to activate a specific "tag ability" upon holding and releasing the R button.  Although there are five characters to choose from, leading to twenty possible permutations, each combination is classified into one of three categories: Speed, Flight, and Power.  This category is determined by the focus of each team's abilities.  The levels are specifically designed to have branching routes that cater to each category of team.