Sonic Pinball Party game

Sonic Pinball Party

Sonic Pinball Party is the second Sonic themed Pinball game released by Sega.


Sonic Pinball Party is a handheld pinball game made by Sega and Sonic Team. In this game, you can play in different pinball maps ranging from the Sonic universe, the NiGHTS universe, and the Samba de Amigo universe. You get to play as Sonic through these levels. In the Sonic Stages, you will collect all the chaos emeralds and fight off robots and Dr. Eggman. In the NiGHTS stages, you're going to collect all 5 Ideya and stop the Nightmaren from getting them. In the Samba de Amigo stages, you just have to get a high score. The game got good reviews from everyone, ranging into the 8's. This game was also packaged with Sonic Advance in a GBA 2 Pack.