Spyro: Season of Ice game

Spyro: Season of Ice

Spyro: Season of Ice is an isometric platformer developed by Digital Eclipse Software and released by Universal Interactive


Season of Ice is the first Spyro game developed for the Gameboy Advance. Other handheld versions of Spyro have solely been 2D platformers, but Season of Ice is more of an exploration game. The developers said they wanted to create a game that has more similarities to the Playstation versions of Spyro rather than handheld versions.


The evil Grendor set out on as task to harm Spyro's land. Grendor's original plan failed so he decides to capture all the fairies in the land and encase them in ice. Spyro and Sparx set out on a journey to rescue all the fairies and defeat Grendor.


Season of Ice is played in an isometric perspective to simulate 3D. Spyro will walk throughout the land in search of fairies and different collectibles. There are some platforming elements which play similarly to Super Mario RPG. The game is also broken down into many different mini games. The most prominent mini games are Spyro's flying stages and Sparx shooting stages. The flying missions are played from behind Spyro's back you basically navigate to collect items and avoid different obstacles. Sparx stages play like an overhead arcade shooter, where you point Sparx in different directions blasting enemies with fire.


As with previous entries in the series Season of Ice continues the tradition of having multiple hub worlds each with their own levels attached to them.

Autumn Fairy Home

  • Level I: Lava Prairie
  • Level II: Mermaid Coast
  • Level III: Market Mesa
  • Level IV: Stone Age Speedway
  • Level V: Ant Farm

Winter Fairy Home

  • Level I: Hummingbird Fort
  • Level II: Panda Gardens
  • Level III: Honey Marsh
  • Level IV: Ice Age Speedway
  • Level V: Wasp City
  • Level VI: Grendor's Lair

Spring Fairy Home

  • Level I: Time Machine Lab
  • Level II: Roman City
  • Level III: Twilight Bulb Factory
  • Level IV: Aqua Age Speedway
  • Level V: Caterpillar Gardens

Summer Fairy Home

  • Level I: Dusty Trails
  • Level II: Star Park
  • Level III: Space Age Speedway
  • Level IV: Beetle Burrows
  • Level V: Grendor's Lair