Stone Smash game

Stone Smash

Stone Smash is a freeware Breakout clone released for Windows PCs in 2005. Ports to other platforms would start releasing in 2013.


Stone Smash is a standard block breaking "Breakout clone". The most noteworthy aspect of the game is that it contains a few cameos from CC & SH characters.

Release History

The initial game was released as freeware in 2005 for PC, and then in 2006 on the compilation disc CC & SH: Smash Hits. A version for internet browsers released in March of 2013. A modified version centering on CC & SH's mascot Shady, was released for Android OS in July of the same year. A homebrew Atari 2600 cartridge is in production; an Xbox Live Arcade version was in development, but was canceled. Instead, the assets for that version were reused for a Mac port.